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POSTSCRIPT POSTSCRIPT: In the next few days, we should have invitations in the mail to OpCon West, the second Soft*letter operations conference. The four-day event will take place March 12-15, 1991, at the Hyatt Rickeys in Palo Alto, Calif., with separate one-day programs (at $395/day) for software manufacturing, tech support, product management, and sales & marketing. We'd like to give Soft*letter subscribers first shot at attendance, but we expect sessions will fill up pretty quickly. OpCon East was a near-sellout, and we've set a limit on attendance at OpCon West of just 125 people per day. So please don't wait too long to sign up.
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Title Annotation:Soft*letter announces the second OpCon West operations conference Mar 12-15, 1991, in Palo Alto, CA
Date:Nov 30, 1990
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