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POSTSCRIPT: Our new MCI Mail edition (Soft*letter, 4/20/90) has been getting rave reviews from serious E-mail users. Currently, more than 150 readers are downloading their copies through MCI, which often beats the printed-and-mailed version by a week. But--only about half of our MCI recipients have actually told us they want to keep seeing the E-mail version. The rest of you folks (who probably don't read documentation, either) have to tell us soon whether you want us to keep your MCI version coming. Otherwise, it will go poof. To confirm that you want the MCI version, call us (617/924-3944), send a fax (617/924-7288), or get in touch by MCI (address: SOFTLETTER).

Meanwhile, we're looking at another experimental delivery system: a fax edition. Again, there's no extra charge for this service, and you'll continue to receive the print copy as well. This time, we plan to send out a couple of issues to any subscriber who requests fax service (reminder: we'll need your fax number to send this version) and then, depending on how much interest we find, we'll decide whether to offer this edition on a permanent basis.

Finally, a few people have asked us about distributing our E-mail edition over networks. We already allow subscribers to make up to five photocopies for internal distribution, so we're comfortable stretching that principle to network nodes. Beyond that level, however, you should talk to us about our standard multi-copy site license.
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Title Annotation:Microprocessor Report exploring other means of distribution
Date:May 23, 1990
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