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* POSTSCRIPT: As the flyer in this issue explains, we're about to

spin off a new newsletter, a monthly publication called SLC (short for "Soft-letter Classifieds") that we expect will open up an entirely new marketing channel for the software industry. SLC will be devoted primarily to classified advertising, and it will be sent free to Soft-letter subscribers and to the chief executives of more than 3,000 micro software companies. We expect SLC to become a natural medium for a wide range of industry-related transactions--everything from product acquisition deals and executive recruiting to mailing list rentals, manufacturing services, and public relations consultants. (To answer a question we're often asked: Yes, we also plan to include a Personals category to help software people find like-minded mates.)

The first issue ofSLC will be introduced in early October, at the SPA's Fall Conference in Montreal. Our first deadline, September 25, is creeping up fast. So if you'd like to join what we hope will be a flood of trial advertisers, we encourage you to get your classified copy in the mail to us as quickly as possible. (To make this offer as risk-free as possible, incidentally, we've included a discount coupon worth $25 off the cost of your first ad.)

We're determined to make SLC a first-class production in every way possible, so if you have any suggestions about how to make this new marketing medium more effective, we'd love to hear from you.
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Date:Jul 15, 1989
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