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POSTSCRIPT: Over the past year, our modest newsletter venture has turned into a somewhat more complicated business. We now produce two newsletters Soft*letter and SLC, our monthly classified publication), three conferences (OpCon East and West, and now GeoCon), and a bunch of ancillary products (data disks, mailing lists, electronic editions, etc.). To keep track of this activity, we've added several new people whose voices you'll probably encounter on the phone. Soft*letter now has two circulation managers--Jim Gilsenan (mornings) and Marni Hatfield (afternoons). Barbara Drainoni handles advertising for SLC and acts as our conference registrar. And Hilary White, our new bookkeeper, keeps track of money and government paperwork (in about equal quantities).

Also, marketing director Tom Stitt has a new title: He's now associate publisher, which probably means we'll have to buy him a new box of business cards. Ah, the burdens of growth.
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Title Annotation:Soft-Letter adds new personnel to handle growing publishing and conference operations and related products
Author:Tarter, Jeffrey
Date:Mar 7, 1991
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