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POSTSCRIPT: One of the pleasant surprises about GeoCon/91, the international product expo we just finished hosting, was the high quality of the software produced by overseas developers. We found ambitious, imaginative, high-performance products that matched (and sometimes surpassed) comparable U.S. titles. Judging by the amount of serious deal-making we saw, the U.S. publishers who attended seemed to be just as impressed; as a result, we'll probably start seeing the first U.S. versions of GeoCon products on retail shelves this fall. Naturally, we're already making plans for GeoCon/92. If you're interested in showing off a product developed outside the U.S. or looking for acquisitions, let us know and we'll keep you posted.
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Title Annotation:note on the GeoCon 1991 exposition
Date:Aug 25, 1991
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