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Postman Vic's big punk return; Also playing: Vic Godard.

Byline: Vic Godard

PUNK pioneers VIC GODARD AND SUBWAY SECT are making a Teesside return for a Rock Garden Revisited gig.

Vic, who as well as fronting one of the original punk groups now works as a postman, spoke to What's On's ROBERT NICHOLS about the Rock Garden in 1977 and the revisited gig at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton tomorrow. Robert Nichols: "This is a Rock Garden Revival gig. Did you ever actually play the Rock Garden in Middlesbrough?" Vic Godard: "Yes. We did it on the White Riot tour (with The Clash) and I remember it well."

RN: "What do you remember about it?" VG: "Just on the journey we played the Cumberland Gap on the coach by Lonnie Donegan. We stopped at a petrol station on the outskirts and they had a shop that sold tourist things and I remember buying a football and having a game of football in the forecourt on the way into Middlesbrough so it has stuck in the memory."

RN: "Looking back on it were they still exciting times?" VG: "There was just so much going on. It was only certain gigs that stick in the memory but Middlesbrough is one of those. Things like fires stick in the memory. So the Birmingham gig sticks in the memory because that was the night that the hotel caught fire. And Swindon is another one that sticks in the memory because we got there and there wasn't a PA. So we thought it was going to be called off but then they said there is a local band that has got a PA. So they got hold of them, It was XTC and they brought their PA round to the venue."

RN: "As far as I know you have had to stop making music at least once in the past is it a challenge keeping going?" VG: "No because I survive by being a postman. Music is a thing that brings in a bit of extra money and the merchandise that brings in most of the money from the gigs that keeps me afloat with T-shirts, CDs and vinyls etc."

RN: "When people come along to see your gig at the Georgian Theatre tomorrow what can they expect to see?" VG: "We are quite energetic I would say. We make a lot of noise for four people and there is a lot of variety in the set as well." RN: "That is what I was wondering about. You played The Georgian not long ago but people might be wondering which Vic Godard are we about to see?" VG: "It is a different line up actually from the last time. We have got Yousef who is playing bass, Dan played last time. We have the same drummer and the same guitarist, Kevin Younger and Mark Braby will be there. So it is Yousef instead of Dan is the only substitution."

Rock Garden Revisited feat VIC GODARD AND SUBWAY SECT, Georgian Theatre, Stockton, Tomorrow Entry PS10/PS7
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
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Date:Nov 2, 2012
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