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Poster contest promotes CTE: the third part of a series that celebrates CTE month 2008. CTE teachers get into the spirit of the CTE poster contest.


CHAPEL HILL-CARRBORO CITY SCHOOLS is considered one of the best academic school systems in North Carolina. It has a strong CTE legacy and the creativity among its students is phenomenal. During CTE Month, East Chapel Hill High School challenged students with a CTE poster contest themed, "I've Got Skills, Yes I Do." Students were required to create a poster emphasizing skills they acquired in high school that would benefit them in a competitive workforce environment. They were asked to create a poster using their own creativity and skills. There was even prize money: CTE poster winners received $50 for first place, $30 for second and $20 for third. There were more than 50 entries and it was difficult to judge. In the end, teachers added two honorary mentions to the winners' list, with those entrants receiving $10 each for their submission.

The Contest a Class Activity

CTE teachers got into the spirit of the contest and encouraged their students to participate. There was a great diversity of participants and the range of their creativity was beyond our imagination. Students displayed an array of artistic talent; many posters were created freehand and others employed computer graphics.

The judges found that the best thing about this contest is that it increased awareness of the importance of CTE in schools, not only to the students, but to the teachers both in and out of the CTE program; students were able to incorporate skills learned in CTE classes along with those learned in their core academic courses. They merged all their skills and presented them in ways to show how they fit together to enhance their careers in the future. It didn't matter if the skill was focused on a particular career--construction, auto mechanics, architecture, medicine or law--students were fully aware that they are capable of pursuing a career of their choosing.

Poster Contest a Success

In the end, the CTE poster contest was a huge success. Students used the skills they learned in high school to create wonderful posters that will be displayed throughout the district's facilities. The success of this contest is such that students are already asking if it will be back next year: It will! The poster contest will be an annual event allowing students to continue using their skills to express what they believe will help them in their future endeavors. As with any first-time project, we have learned some lessons and ways to do it differently. We have even discussed creating different categories for judging the posters in the future. With such talented students, the judging of the posters will definitely be the toughest part of this contest, but it is worth it to see the students' excitement for a job well done.

Winslow Carter, is a career development coordinator at East Chapel Hill High School. He can be contacted by e-mail at

Fletcher Womble, is a career development coordinator at East Chapel Hill High School. She can be contacted by e-mail at
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Title Annotation:Celebrating CTE Month 2008
Author:Carter, Winslow; Womble, Fletcher
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 1, 2008
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