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Postal rate increases go into effect June 30, which will raise the Non-profit Periodicals rate on average by 12 percent. (Briefly).

Postal rate increases go into effect June 30, which will raise the Nonprofit Periodicals rate on average by 12 percent. "These are very difficult times for periodical mailers," said Neal Denton, executive director, Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, Washington, D.C., speaking at a May 9 ASAE Town Hall meeting. Denton noted that the rate increase makes the option of drop shipping--having the postal service transport bulk mail to the destination facility--more attractive to nonprofit organizations. After September 11 and the anthrax scare, "The United States Postal Service's financial situation was devastating," Denton noted. The House is currently working on a postal reform bill, but Denton does not expect legislation to pass in the 107th Congress. Paul Clolery, editor in chief of The NonProfit Times, who addressed the issue of fundraising, said that recent legislation will restrict the way nonprofit organizations solicit. For more information about the rate increases, visit
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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