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deaths. Mar 19, 2018 660
Virtual reality could help veterans with severe PTSD. Mar 19, 2018 434
Virtual reality therapy to help veterans dealing with trauma. Mar 19, 2018 429
Singapore : Oral Reply by Senior Minister of State for Defence, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, to Parliamentary Question on Number of and Support for SAF Personnel Suffering from PTSD. Mar 19, 2018 340
United States : Delegation Presses Veterans Affairs Secretary on Future of Hot Springs Facility. Mar 16, 2018 265
Deaths. Mar 16, 2018 1656
VR helping with devastating disorders. Mar 16, 2018 282
Over 154 million people suffer from depression globally: Dr. Ansari. Mar 14, 2018 355
United States : Airmen feedback critical to future Air Force. Mar 13, 2018 241
Brothers in torment; HOW MILITARY INACTION HASRUINED THE LIVES OF OUR BRAVE HEROES; These two comrades both killed themselves within weeks of each other. Why didn't MOD do more tosave them?EXCLUSIVE. Mar 11, 2018 793
3 women die in siege. Mar 11, 2018 136
Gunman and three hostages found dead at California veterans home. Mar 10, 2018 649
Three women, suspect dead after hostage standoff in Yountville, California. Mar 10, 2018 169
Suspect, hostages found dead. Obituary Mar 10, 2018 287
Speakers of a conference in Brussels calls for end miseries of women in IHK. Conference notes Mar 10, 2018 903
"I never felt so lonely": Student slams same university where Sky News host's daughter 'was forced to prove mum was terminally ill'; A female Royal Holloway University student suffering PTSD claims she was forced to take a year off when she was 'given no help or support' during her illness. Mar 9, 2018 734
Disability decision reversed. Mar 8, 2018 553
Soldier is jailed for disobeying orders; veteran told to have no contact with woman. Mar 7, 2018 376
EU to be apprised of Kashmiri women's plight. Mar 7, 2018 508
KC-EU to host 'A Woman's Battle in Conflict Zones' conference on March 8. Conference news Mar 5, 2018 407
Conference on 'A Woman's Battle in Conflict Zones' to be held in Brussels next week. Conference news Mar 5, 2018 522
App to help suicidal war veterans. Mar 3, 2018 126
The Mistaken History of the Korean War: What We Got Wrong Then and Now. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 125
MMPI-related Pain Research through the Lens of Bibliometric Analysis: Mapping Investigatory Domain. Piotrowski, Chris Report Mar 1, 2018 2872
Kind pair pay for homeless Army veteran to stay at hotel. Feb 28, 2018 461
Monica Lewinsky calls Clinton affair 'abuse of power'. Feb 27, 2018 673 Conducts Free PTSD Seminar for Parkland Shooting Victims. Feb 27, 2018 359
Stab victim who trashed mum's home may have been suffering from PTSD. Feb 21, 2018 343
Drink driver cut his neck as police went to arrest him. Feb 20, 2018 126
Ben Gurion University Research: Medical Cannabis Highly Effective in Elderly Patients. Feb 14, 2018 528
Generous donation for victim of attack; NEW CAMERA GIVEN TO ARTIST INJURED IN BRUTAL ROBBERY. Feb 11, 2018 394
Australia : A place for men to speak up when times get tough. Feb 9, 2018 173
Lives of kinship and a life of fear: Religion and faith underlie three books: tales from Fr. Greg Boyle, a fictionalized St. Clare, and memories of a minister parent. Scharper, Diane Feb 9, 2018 1451
Troopers PTSD from accident scene not compensable. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 7, 2018 575
16 IS TOO YOUNG Soldiers TO FIGHT; MPs urged to see veteran Wayne's grim movie; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 4, 2018 375
DEVASTATED WIFE BEGS: DON'T DEPORT MY HUSBAND AND CARER... Couple threatened with being torn apart after 28 years of marriage 'on the brink'. Feb 4, 2018 700
Mum's vlog tells people 'not to suffer in silence' JOANNE TELLS OF TRAGEDY OF LOSING BABY. Feb 3, 2018 474
Lined up for Lucy's Law; from the fishy to the fraudulent. Feb 1, 2018 290
Lined up for Lucy's Law. Feb 1, 2018 290
BENZODIAZEPINES: Sensible prescribing in light of the risks: Understand the risks and consider alternative treatments, especially in high-risk patients. Weber, Samuel R.; Duchemin, Anne-Marie Feb 1, 2018 2999
WEBCHAT; Fireworks 'should be banned' for most nights of the year to reduce distress to animals. Jan 30, 2018 725
United States : Tonix Pharmaceuticals Receives Notice of Allowance for New U.S. Patent for the Active Ingredient in Tonmya (Cyclobenzaprine HCl Sublingual Tablets). Jan 30, 2018 271
Ex-bomb disposal man 'forgot' he was banned. Jan 29, 2018 191
PHONEY WAR; Ex Army chief's fury as MOD refuses to fund PS2M helpline for suicidal troops; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 28, 2018 584
Phoney War: Former Army chief's fury as MoD refuses to fund [pounds sterling]2million helpline for suicidal troops; General Lord Dannatt also warned the armed forces needed to undergo a "complete culture change" towards PTSD and other mental illnesses. Jan 27, 2018 1363
Trauma of a mother who has lost her children. Jan 22, 2018 597
We must do more. Jan 21, 2018 323
No one can help me, Mum; Haunting last words of proud Afghan hero who took his own life / Kirkafter 10yrs of PTSD; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 21, 2018 936
Haunting last words of war hero who took his own life after suffering decade of health battles; Dad-of-three Kirk McLaughlin, a 36-year-old Afghan war veteran, died hours after speaking of his despair with his mother. Jan 20, 2018 1509
Help for the hidden heroes. Jan 19, 2018 199
Ordeal of families driven to breaking point by war stress; HIDDEN IMPACT OF AFTERMATH OF CONFLICT - DAY 2; Partners want to raise awareness of traumas they go through, too. Jan 16, 2018 1207
Stress of living with war trauma can tear families apart.. problem is the Government have abdicated all responsibility; HIDDEN IMPACT OF THE AFTERMATH OF CONFLICT IMPACT CONFLICT; Author says vets and their loved ones are left to rot. Jan 15, 2018 1080
Meditating twice a day for 20 mins cut PTSD symptoms in older adults. Jan 14, 2018 410
The crisis at Harry's door. Jan 14, 2018 280
I hope to help others like me. Jan 14, 2018 390
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Krayewski, E.D. Movie review Jan 13, 2018 236
Grandad assaulted over PS20. Jan 13, 2018 211
Beyond fitness. Jan 13, 2018 1354
University study shows way to diagnose PTSD. Jan 11, 2018 229
HELPING VETERANS TO BEAT THE BLUES; Forces charity help Hidden Wounds heroes. Jan 8, 2018 350
Owner avoids jail after dog mauled woman; VICTIM LEFT SCARRED AFTER HORRIFIC ATTACK. Jan 5, 2018 645
Brum scientists' breakthrough in treating trauma. Jan 5, 2018 305
Struggle to rehabilitate Daesh child fighters. Jan 3, 2018 807
Mental Health Information for Teens, 5th Edition. Book review Jan 1, 2018 166
The Use of Relational-Cultural Theory in Counseling Clients Who Have Traumatic Stress Disorders. Kress, Victoria E.; Haiyasoso, Maria; Zoldan, Chelsey A.; Headley, Jessica A.; Trepal, Heather Report Jan 1, 2018 6379
Keeping the conversation alive: PTSDJournal partners with DAV to maintain focus on invisible wounds. Wilson, Steven; Dever, Mary Jan 1, 2018 476
From the NATIONAL CHAPLAIN: PTSD and offense. Dover, Michael P. Jan 1, 2018 393
POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: Screening mothers is essential. Haelle, Tara Jan 1, 2018 1648
2017, what a year. Jan 1, 2018 909
'I WOULDN'T WANT ANYBODY TO GO THROUGH WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH' One man's story about how he came back from the brink. Dec 31, 2017 1390
Psychological disturbance. Dec 31, 2017 198
New Way To Battle PTSD Found. Dec 30, 2017 585
My life with PTSD: One man's story about how he came back from the brink; Chris Headon, 45, talks about his life with the debilitating condition after serving with the Army in Northern Ireland. Dec 30, 2017 1458
Ex-soldier with PTSD attacked wife. Dec 27, 2017 475
Hung out to dry; ILL TROOPS BOOTED OUT OF FORCES; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 24, 2017 427
24 suicide attempts in wake of Grenfell. Dec 24, 2017 232
24 suicide bids by Grenfell survivors; One attempt for every floor of the burnt out blaze tower; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 24, 2017 324
Avi: The Most Important Thing: Stories About Sons, Fathers and Grandfathers. Axford, Martin Dec 22, 2017 294
One World for Life Adds Fourth-Generation Firefighter to Board of Directors. Dec 20, 2017 704
Eight-week programme gets Mari's life back on track; Many people think of PTSD as a condition which is diagnosed in members of the Armed Forces - but it can affect anyone. Here, a woman reveals how an internet self-help project helped her overcome a very traumatic ordeal. Dec 18, 2017 1071
Iraq veteran tells of life on streets OFWELSH capital. Dec 16, 2017 670
Canada : Supporting Law Enforcement Workers with PTSD. Dec 15, 2017 245
Documentary tells the stories of those living on the capital's streets. Dec 15, 2017 677
United States : Sessions, Buck, and Jones Make Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy a Reality for Our Veterans. Dec 14, 2017 410
Israeli Researchers: Surgery on Children May Cause Chronic Trauma. Dec 13, 2017 427
'Family life fell apart whe I was diagnosed with PTSD'. Dec 12, 2017 768
Panic disorder. Dec 12, 2017 489
Eight-week programme gets Mari's life back on track; Many people think of PTSD as a condition which is diagnosed in members of the Armed Forces - but it can affect anyone. Here, a woman reveals how an internet self-help project helped her overcome a very traumatic ordeal. Dec 11, 2017 1071
'If I've helped one veteran, that makes me feel good'. Dec 11, 2017 784
Children in Manchester attack still wait for help. Dec 7, 2017 259
Pregnant women with PTSD have higher levels of stress hormone. Dec 6, 2017 466
Falklands' deaths haunt me and 1,000s of other veterans. Dec 3, 2017 435
Mental aid in schools. Dec 3, 2017 120
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Suffering in silence. Dec 1, 2017 1163
United States : VA to Provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Some Veterans with Chronic PTSD. Dec 1, 2017 354
Curse of the Coloring Book: A Novel Inspired by a True Story. Blake, Richard R. Book review Dec 1, 2017 378
ADHD predicts longer seclusion and restraint episodes. Otto, M. Alexander Dec 1, 2017 587
Moving Effective Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder to Primary Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial With Active Duty Military. Cigrang, Jeffrey A.; Mintz, Jim; Najera, Elizabeth; Young-Mccaughan, Stacey; Goodie, Jeffrey L.; Rau Dec 1, 2017 7962
Treating PTSD in Primary Care: One Small Step Is One Giant Leap. Pomerantz, Andrew S. Report Dec 1, 2017 1461
Caring for Muslim patients: Understanding cultural and religious factors. Adam, Balkozar Dec 1, 2017 782
Casualty star's cancer plot PTSD; Thinking outside the box with Nicola Methven & Mark Jefferies; SQUARE EYES. Nov 30, 2017 252
I was told there's no such thing as PTSD, just a lack of moral fibre; 1 IN 10 FALKLANDS VETERANS SUFFER WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS; Says burns victim & campaigner Simon Weston. Nov 26, 2017 970
Free taxi idea ranks highly; CHARITIES HELPING OUR HEROES GET CASH BOOSTS Kindly cabbie given PS23k so veterans can get around. Nov 24, 2017 270
New Comic Book, The Devil Bat, Strikes at PTSD. Nov 24, 2017 394
VR-Based Psychotherapy For PTSD Can Help Reduce Stress Levels: Experts. Nov 24, 2017 527
Cancer Survivors Can Develop PTSD Too. Nov 21, 2017 274
One-fifth cancer survivors grapple with PTSD. Nov 20, 2017 466
How Effective Is Marijuana In Combating PTSD? Nov 20, 2017 720
Fallen heroes; PTSD fears of 2 Afghan veterans who killed themselves; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 19, 2017 556
Sexual harassment at work ups risk of anxiety, depression in women. Nov 18, 2017 372
I sat and watched him for hours... I felt I was a cheat if I left him. Nov 17, 2017 1158
Post traumatic stress disorder -- suffering in silence. Nov 17, 2017 1257
Prince Harry to stay out of fight to keep Audley Court open; BUT HUDDERSFIELD ARMY VETERAN VOWS HE'LL CONTINUE TO BATTLE TO SAVE CENTRE HELPING SOLDIERS WITH PTSD. Nov 13, 2017 619
Iraq veteran controls his environment to ease PTSD stress Controls: Veterans helping veterans works in counseling. Nov 13, 2017 661
Iraq veteran controls his environment to ease PTSD stress Controls: Veterans helping veterans works in counseling. Nov 13, 2017 661
Man is jailed for 15mths over attack on relative; Sex abuse victim suffers PTSD. Nov 10, 2017 349
Talking it out Addressing PTSD starts with sharing experiences and lots of listening. Nov 10, 2017 429
Researchers call for people with PTSD to help with study. Nov 6, 2017 305
From life on city's streets to bidding for a world record. Nov 6, 2017 505
Researchers calling for people with PTSD to help with study. Nov 6, 2017 305
Ex-soldier over limit A DRUNK [...]. Nov 6, 2017 125
WAR VETERANS BACK IN TUNE; LOTTERY CASH FUELS FIGHTBACKMusic charity helping ex-military beat PTSD get PS10k to repair damage done by heartless vandals. Nov 6, 2017 246
Here's a mechanism that can help you get rid of bad memories. Nov 4, 2017 470
Scientists Identify Mechanism That Helps us Inhibit Unwanted Thoughts. Nov 4, 2017 991
'Troubled' ex-soldier attacked a stranger for the fourth time. Nov 3, 2017 471
Veterans with 'bad paper' discharges getting second look. Nov 1, 2017 332
Living and Loving Better With Time Perspective Therapy: Healing From the Past, Embracing the Present, Creating an Ideal Future. Book review Nov 1, 2017 120
Clint Eastwood's Cinema of Trauma: Essays on PTSD in the Director's Films. Book review Nov 1, 2017 111
Australia : Legislative Investigation into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nov 1, 2017 169
United States : Research links locus coeruleus activity with hyperarousal in PTSD. Nov 1, 2017 362
UNDER FIRE; Charity says 100s more frontline troops have PTSD; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 29, 2017 291
'Hundreds of troops keep PTSD secret fearing axe'. Oct 29, 2017 226
Stress disorder linked to faster ageing. Oct 28, 2017 227
Banned driver put fake plates on car with tape. Oct 26, 2017 553
TWEETS OF THE. Oct 26, 2017 368
Could virtual reality replace therapy? Oct 25, 2017 3271
United States : Readout of Second Lady Karen Pences Visit to the Creative Forces NEA Healing Arts Network Summit. Oct 25, 2017 248
Course has helped Army veteran deal with PTSD. Oct 23, 2017 616
Army didn't tell me that I had PTSD and sent me back to Afghanistan; Shock claim of Military Cross hero; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 22, 2017 743
How could Army send me back to Afghanistan knowing I had PTSD? SCANDAL OF WAR HERO WHO WAS NOT TOLD HE HAD BATTLE ILLNESS; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 22, 2017 1390
How could Army send me back to Afghanistan knowing I had PTSD? SCANDAL OF WAR HERO WHO WAS NOT TOLD HE HAD BATTLE ILLNESS. Oct 22, 2017 1409
How could Army send me back to Afghanistan knowing I had PTSD? SCANDAL OF WAR HERO WHO WAS NOT TOLD HE HAD BATTLE ILLNESS. Oct 22, 2017 1412
Shameful neglect of PTSD hero; VOICE OF THE. Oct 22, 2017 337
Butch could not deal with life after war; PAL OF GERS LEGEND'S SON TELLS OF GRIEF - PAL JOE RIMMER YESTERDAY. Oct 21, 2017 374
Butch had a tough Afghanistan tour but when you leave the Army they just forget about you - PAL OF CHRIS BUTCHER YESTERDAY; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 21, 2017 362
MoD's shameful neglect of PTSD hero is unforgivable - Voice of the Mirror; In the First World War PTSD sufferers who cracked up were shot for cowardice. Today the MoD just sits back not caring whether they live or die. Oct 21, 2017 400
Ibrox legend Terry shattered by soldier son's sudden death; FOOTBALL HERO'S HEARTBREAK Chris dies at home he shared with ex-Ranger dad. Oct 18, 2017 570
Memories stolen in raid. Oct 17, 2017 432
It's a huge relief that robber is in jail, says victim; BARMAN WHO THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO DIE WHEN THUG STOOD ON HIS NECK SPEAKS OUT AFTER ONE OF THE RAIDERS IS LOCKED UP. Oct 17, 2017 426
VICTORY IN PTSD FIGHT; Breakthrough in our campaign; But MOD must do more to help stricken troops; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 15, 2017 661
United States : Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination. Oct 12, 2017 469
Veterans face going to Surrey to get mental health residential care; MP URGES MINISTER TO STEP IN OVER CHANGES TO 'LIFE-SAVING' CENTRE IN BORDERS. Oct 11, 2017 498
I felt like the only guy in the world going through the aftermath of this violence; FILM-MAKER TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF AFTER ASSAULT AT PARTY Hell of woman thug's sex assault victim. Oct 11, 2017 1123
MILITARY coup; SNP IN GLASGOWYouth wing defies leaders and makes ban on under-18s joining armed forces official party policy. Oct 9, 2017 934
Standoff with Springfield veteran ends peacefully. Oct 8, 2017 225
JIM BACKS PTSD FIGHT; Comedian praises Sunday People campaign; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 8, 2017 219
Aim & fortune; Matt wins archery gold at Invictus Games only a few months after shooting an arrow for first time. Oct 6, 2017 355
Beware of meningitis .. Eva got it at 12 days old; MUM'S WARNING TO PARENTS ON KILLER ILLNESS. Oct 6, 2017 378
Australia : New precinct marks new era of care for veterans. Oct 6, 2017 123
Former radio DJ jailed for vicious attacks on wife. Oct 4, 2017 684
Troubled ex-marine who had vowed to turn life around is arrested. Oct 4, 2017 610
True-grit archer wins an Invictus gold medal. Oct 4, 2017 504
Back in court - the ex-Marine who vowed to change his life; PTSD SUFFERER MADE THREATS TO POLICE. Oct 4, 2017 603
Canada : Ministers ORegan and Sajjan Mark Mental Illness Awareness Week. Oct 4, 2017 420
Demons are winning the battle. I've seen things nobody should see; PTSD war hero traumatised by Iraq and failed by MOD killed himself; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 1, 2017 1635
Army's 'suicide shame'. Oct 1, 2017 113
Loneliness as moderator between trauma and posttraumatic growth. Zeligman, Melissa; Bialo, Jacquelyn A.; Brack, Jane L.; Kearney, Moriah A. Report Oct 1, 2017 7332
Five Efficacious Treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Empirical Review. Blankenship, David M. Oct 1, 2017 6510
A Great Literature Guide to the DSM-5. Book review Oct 1, 2017 180
Self-disclosure as therapy: The benefits of expressive writing. Ernst, Alycia Report Oct 1, 2017 613
Posttraumatic stress disorder: Often missed in primary care. Williams, Adrienne A. Case study Oct 1, 2017 3714
Depression, PTSD double dementia risk for some veterans. Sullivan, Michele G. Oct 1, 2017 300
Peer support specialist. Chen, Allen Oct 1, 2017 799
Finding Solace: DS medic uncovers incidence of PTSD-his own. French, Angela Oct 1, 2017 945
Wish FM DJ jailed for vicious beatings; SMILE OF MAN WHO CRACKED RIBS AMID TORRENT OF ABUSE. Sep 29, 2017 567
Pfizer spins off four investigational drugs into new medicines company. Sep 27, 2017 154
Caring royal wins praise; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 24, 2017 246
UberHarry: PTSD drug is amazing; PRINCE HEARS OF WONDER PILL PLAN AT TORONTO HOSPITAL. Sep 24, 2017 771
I tried to kill myself after sick stepdad filmed me in shower; But loophole means I can't get compo; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 24, 2017 867
Brazil and Back. Hinshaw, Ben Short story Sep 22, 2017 9569
Culture and PTSD: Trauma in Global and Historical Perspective. Ruth, Christian Book review Sep 22, 2017 759
FROM HERO TO ZERO; After I won the Military Cross the Army used me as a poster boy - I even met President Bush - but the day after I was diagnosed with PTSD they abandoned me; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 17, 2017 1085
Time for Royals to lean on top brass; VOICE OF THE. Sep 17, 2017 256
Australia : Assistance dogs for veterans with PTSD. Sep 15, 2017 243
United States : Tonix Pharmaceuticals Elects Margaret Smith Bell to the Board of Directors. Sep 15, 2017 359
United States : Tonix Pharmaceuticals Receives European Patent for the Active Ingredient in Tonmya (Cyclobenzaprine HCl Sublingual Tablets). Sep 15, 2017 335
Non-Fiction Novel "Ghost in the Ranks" Wins New Apple E-Book Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing. Sep 12, 2017 568
Dad lost more than 15 stone before he died. Sep 11, 2017 664
HORRORS LEFT HERO WITH PTSD & UNABLE TO WORK; I'll never Soldiers Army has forget 100s of dead I saw in lab but forgotten about me. Sep 10, 2017 1023
PTSD soldier 'let down' by Army bosses. Sep 10, 2017 127
'Weight-loss father died of organ failure'. Sep 8, 2017 467
Soldier's strength is top dog. Sep 8, 2017 180
20 survivors of Grenfell 'tried to kill themselves'. Sep 6, 2017 217
Action now, not excuses; VOICE OF THE. Sep 3, 2017 181
betrayed by the MoD; BETRAYED BY THE MoD; This brave Para, who served with Prince Harry, was forced to sleep rough after the mental horrors of war caught up with him. Today, we demand the Government helphim and 1,000s of others with PTSD; Save Our Soldiers; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 3, 2017 1165
Little-known fact: Many older adults suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder: a harrowing experience, such as a car wreck or severe illness, can trigger this common--and treatable--psychological condition. Sep 1, 2017 1021
Cannabis shows inconsistent benefits for PTSD, pain. Splete, Heidi Sep 1, 2017 483
DAV & Auxiliary National Convention Award Highlights. Sep 1, 2017 1851
Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the DSM-5 Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Severity Scale-Child Form. Sapmaz, Sermin Yalin; Ergin, Dilek; Erkuran, Handan Ozek; Celasin, Nesrin Sen; Ozturk, Masum; Karaar Report Sep 1, 2017 3779
More data show value of CBT for PTSD, anxiety, depression. London, Robert T. Sep 1, 2017 530
Cannabis shows inconsistent benefits for pain, PTSD. Splete, Heidi Sep 1, 2017 490
Listening to War: Sound, Music, Trauma, and Survival in Wartime Iraq. Dietsche, Sarah J. Book review Sep 1, 2017 1524
Abandoned; Wife of bomb disposal hero on treatment over his PTSD; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 27, 2017 633
I saw bigger picture after Rankin photo shoot; PADDY SHENNAN TALKS TO A MAN WHO TURNED HIS LIFE AROUND AFTER TV SHOW. Aug 21, 2017 755
Don't suffer in silence, says former Coventry firefighter. Aug 21, 2017 585
NIMH Awards USD 2m to RFU Researcher to Study Role of Oxytocin in Anxiety-Driven Mental Illnesses. Aug 21, 2017 319
WHO WILL CARE FOR THE CARERS? Figures show 100s of Army families also suffer from PTSD Save Our Soldiers. Aug 20, 2017 326
Charity bosses rapped again. Aug 17, 2017 241
Charity bosses rapped again; 26 DAILY MIRROR THURSDAY 17.08.2017 DMUULS PENMAN DMUULS THURSDAY 17.08.2017 DAILY MIRROR 27 ...from the fishy to the fraudulent INVESTIGATES a. Aug 17, 2017 238
United States : Peters Honored as Legislator of the Year by Vietnam Veterans of America. Aug 16, 2017 555
HERO BETRAYED; Bomb disposal man with PTSD honoured by Queen then dumped by Army; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 13, 2017 981
Honoured by the Queen ..betrayed by the Army; shameful treatment of bomb DISPOSAL HERO OVER ILLNESS. Aug 13, 2017 1293
Honoured by the Queen ..betrayed by the Army; shameful treatment of bomb DISPOSAL HERO OVER ILLNESS EXCLUSIVE. Aug 13, 2017 1287
Honoured by the Queen ..betrayed by the Army; SHAMEFUL TREATMENT OF BOMB DISPOSAL HERO OVER ILLNESS; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 13, 2017 1286
Fourth time lucky for Drama Medal winner. Aug 11, 2017 421
Powerful drama on PTSD wins medal; TEACHER'S PLAY HIGHLY PRAISED. Aug 11, 2017 418
I could hide my problems, even from family, but when I worked with horses I realised I was very damaged; STRUGGLE HOW IRAQ VETERAN DEALT WITH HIS PTSD AGONY Tormented former soldier Tam Carroll was literally ready to throw himself off a cliff three years ago. But he turned his life around by working with horses.. and now he wants to offer the same chance to other struggling veterans. Aug 11, 2017 996
Best Friends Pet Hotel Fundraises for Guardian Angels. Aug 11, 2017 307
Sexual assault puts victims at higher suicide, mental illness risks. Aug 11, 2017 399
Stress disorder not linked to cancer risk. Aug 10, 2017 222
Hundreds of troops being axed rather than supported. Aug 6, 2017 378
Disability benefits cheat who climbed Kilimanjaro jailed. Aug 4, 2017 687
Jailed: Benefits cheat paratrooper who climbed Kilimanjaro. Aug 4, 2017 680
Prison for Kilimanjaro disability cash cheat. Aug 4, 2017 264
Enrolling HIV-positive adolescents in mental health research: a case study reflecting on legal and ethical complexities. Woollett, N.; Peter, J.; Cluver, L.; Brahmbhatt, H. Report Aug 1, 2017 5352
Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders in Children and Adolescents: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual. Book review Aug 1, 2017 191
Machete robbery victim: I'll never go back; SHOP ASSISTANT SUFFERING FROM PTSD. Aug 1, 2017 352
VA's PTSD decision aid. Aug 1, 2017 201
FIGHT to remember PTSD. Bernadino, Marianne; Nelson, Katharine J. Aug 1, 2017 485
Treating comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder and cardiovascular disease. Palmer, Melissa C.; Quillen, Stephen; Chin, Ken; Garrett, Jeff; Lazzara, Jonathan; Thomas, Christoph Case study Aug 1, 2017 2648
New PTSD guidelines: VA/DOD elevate therapy above medication. McKnight, Whitney Aug 1, 2017 1090
FIGHTING FOR HELP; Government failure to treat soldier stress costs PS15M; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 30, 2017 591
MPs back PTSD fight; BOOST FOR SICK WAR VETS. Jul 23, 2017 222
Para denied help took his own life; Scandal of veterans with PTSD; He saw too much death serving in Iraq; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 16, 2017 644
Army veteran fought to make community safe. Jul 15, 2017 620
The Most Brutal Truth About PTSD, Described by Victor Camille Lebouthillier. Jul 13, 2017 904
Our troops need care & respect; VOICE OF THE. Jul 9, 2017 257
Traumatised hero blast for 'uncaring' ministers; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 9, 2017 374
They did not understand PTSD in 1917 but we do now; Ex-Army boss says Government is breaking rule over sick soldiers; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 9, 2017 1009
'Govt failing heroes hit by trauma' EXCLUSIVE. Jul 9, 2017 111
'Govt failing heroes hit by trauma'. Jul 9, 2017 112
United States : Ahead of Independence Day, McCaskill Calls for Answers on Veterans with PTSD Being Denied Benefits. Jul 6, 2017 428
Elle King Opens Up About PTSD, Depression. Jul 3, 2017 403
The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook. Book review Jul 1, 2017 116
Trauma competency: an active ingredients approach to treating posttraumatic stress disorder. Gentry, J. Eric; Baranowsky, Anna B.; Rhoton, Robert Report Jul 1, 2017 6509
Posttraumatic stress disorder and emotion-focused coping among disaster mental health counselors. Pow, Allison Marsh; Cashwell, Craig S. Report Jul 1, 2017 7506
Meta-analysis of trauma-focused therapies for treating the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Lenz, A. Stephen; Haktanir, Abdulkadir; Callender, Karisse Report Jul 1, 2017 10936
Hiperactivacion noradrenergica amigdalar en la fisiopatologia de un modelo de Trastorno por Estres Post-Traumatico en rata. Hernandez Calle, Daniel Jul 1, 2017 1853
Almost one-third of Syrian refugees in United States meet PTSD criteria. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2017 480
The impact of active service on the intimate relationships of british Royal Naval Veterans of the Falklands War. Iacovou, Susan; Paidoussis-Mitchell, Chloe Report Jul 1, 2017 6426
Good to talk in tackling trauma; Healthy YOU. Jun 25, 2017 525
My breakdown was like my brain telling me 'it's time to talk' MindJournal's Ollie Aplin tells ABI JACKSON how learning to write down his thoughts helped change his life. Jun 24, 2017 745
My breakdown was like my brain telling me 'it's time to talk'. Jun 24, 2017 726
My breakdown was like my brain telling me 'it's time to talk' MindJournal's Ollie Aplin tells ABI JACKSON how learning to write down his thoughts helped change his life. Jun 23, 2017 762
Climate trauma. Jun 22, 2017 484
Breaking Faith. Rose, Jessica Book review Jun 22, 2017 289
Startup's Electric Headband Technology Could Treat Depression. Jun 20, 2017 645
My breakdown was like my brain telling me 'it's time to talk'. Jun 20, 2017 742
My breakdown was like my brain telling me 'it's time to talk' MindJournal's Ollie Aplin tells ABI JACKSON how learning to write down his thoughts helped change his life. Jun 20, 2017 726
Trauma therapy made me worse; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 18, 2017 274
United States : Tonix Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 2017 BIO International Convention. Jun 17, 2017 112
Veterans take on challenge for our fallen. Jun 16, 2017 415
Stress disorder not linked to cancer risk. Jun 13, 2017 222
Everything To Know About PTSD. Jun 11, 2017 764
Developers are giving much-loved building a new lease of life; Built on the advice of Florence Nightingale, The Rest Hotel has stood above Porthcawl's picturesque bay for almost 150 years. Abby Bolter was invited to see how it's being given a new lease of life... Jun 10, 2017 980
Timeslip as hidden glories appear in old Nightingale hotel upgrade; Built on the advice of Florence Nightingale, The Rest Hotel has stood above Porthcawl's picturesque bay for almost 150 years. Abby Bolter was invited to see how it's being given a new lease of life. Jun 9, 2017 1036
United States : New VA Online Tool Helps Veterans Learn About and Compare Effective PTSD Treatments. Jun 5, 2017 341
Users realize benefits of digital platform. Jun 5, 2017 264
'Burglars finding my hoard of urine bottles was the big push I needed to seek help' former soldier suffering ptsd became virtual recluse after five suicide attempts. Jun 3, 2017 1055
A literature review of psychosocial comorbidities related to working capacity after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Turi, Eleanor; Conley, Yvette; Stanfill, Ansley Grimes Report Jun 1, 2017 3712
PTSD and illness: more prevalent with cancer, digestive disease. Jancin, Bruce Jun 1, 2017 889
The struggle to transition: and the burden of getting back to the civilian world. Hooper, Tyler Jun 1, 2017 1206
Psychiatry update 2017: solving clinical challenges, improving patient care. Conference notes Jun 1, 2017 1224
United States : Tonix Pharmaceuticals Presented Retrospective Analyses of Treatment Response and Remission to TNX-102 SL in a Phase 2 Military-Related PTSD Study. May 31, 2017 288
Will: I thought about leg break on Strictly. May 30, 2017 135
I'd have broken my legs to quit Strictly; Will Young on his PTSD hell on show. May 30, 2017 269
Moral Injury, PTSD, Suicide Risk: What's The Difference For Veterans? Reprint May 29, 2017 1105
AnthroTronix and Nview Health Collaboration Powers Seamless Assessment of Cognition and Behavioral Health. May 25, 2017 447
'More should have been done' to help PTSD-suicide dad. May 22, 2017 555
"My children want their daddy and they can't have him." Heartbroken mum's anguish after Army partner took own life while suffering from PTSD after friend died in his arms. May 21, 2017 661
Bulger find dealer jailed. May 18, 2017 106
Convict who found James Bulger's body is jailed again. May 18, 2017 148
How Brain Encodes Fear Memory. May 16, 2017 779
Army hero on 17 pills a day to combat PTSD; Alex's life of hell after brushes with death. May 14, 2017 454
These PTSD Drugs May Raise The Risk For Dementia. May 12, 2017 511
MY TALIBAN BLAST HELL; I waded into the sea and thought: I'm going to swim until I haven't the strength to make it back. May 10, 2017 480
Netherlands : Virtual Reality for Psychiatric Treatment? Research Shows Promise for VR and Other Technologies in Mental Health Care. May 9, 2017 534
Despite bipartisan support, medical marijuana bill likely won't reach House floor. May 8, 2017 709
HELP PTSD FIGHT, HARRY; Ex-soldier's plea after 6 comrades kill themselves; EXCLUSIVE. May 7, 2017 788
GIVING BIRTH LEFT ME WITH POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER; ANGUISH MUM'S ORDEAL AFTER DAUGHTER'S FIGHT TO SURVIVE Cheryl couldn't leave her house and had flashbacks and nightmares but now she's helping other women with mental health issues during and after pregnancy. May 6, 2017 1045
PTSD soldiers not genuinely ill, says Tory. May 6, 2017 125

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