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Post-coal Appalachia and the changing face of 'rural'.

When many people hear the term "rural America," they tend to think of farmland cows and open spaces, but the look of Appalachia provides a different perspective.

The Appalachian region is a part of rural America facing strikingly different problems than anywhere else. Due to dependence on mining, poverty is high.

But these places are making a comeback as young people return and open up new businesses. In one eastern Kentucky town, two new bars and a tattoo shop have been opened, run by former residents and new arrivals who heard that it was a good place to live.

While many locals still cling to the idea that coal jobs can endure an evolving energy industry, rural America's new residents feel it's better to have new options, and are more optimistic about the future of similar places.


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Title Annotation:SHORT Takes
Author:Nieskes, Kayla
Publication:Rural Telecommunications
Date:Sep 1, 2015
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