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Post-closet masculinities in early modern England.


Post-closet masculinities in early modern England.

Barnes, A.W.

Bucknell University Pr.


211 pages




Barnes (English, William Paterson University) explores the construct of masculinity as developed in the work of Shakespeare, John Donne and George Herbert. These three writers were influential in the creation of the Early Modern concept of masculinity. Barnes posits that masculinity can only be defined as a third point of a triangle that has Woman and Sodomite as the other two points. The Merchant of Venice uses the characters of Portia, Bassinio and Antonio in a clear explication of this theory. Donne's work reflects the "masculine" belief in the new science. Herbert affirms religious Protestant masculinity as opposed to Catholic priests. Barnes also notes how critics and scholars have continued to reinforce these characterizations to form modern attitudes. Distributed by Associated University Presses.

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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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