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Post-Soviet civil society; democratization in Russia and the Baltic states.


Post-Soviet civil society; democratization in Russia and the Baltic states.

Uhlin, Anders.



205 pages




Many thought they would never see the USSR collapse; the monolith would stand forever if only under the weight of its own inertia. However, Uhlin (political science, Lund U.) demonstrates that democratization revealed significant cleavages within the monolith, not the least of which were caused by long-standing ethnic and social differences. Uhlin studies developments in Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania using a unique analytical framework derived from theories of democratization, civil society, social movements and transnational relations to compare segments of society along with regions. He analyzes including independence movements before and after communism, actors (including non-governmental organizations) and activities in post-soviet civil society, unclear boundaries such as those found in issues of political influence and economic society, and efforts to make local civil society transnational. He closes with a multi-level analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators of democratization.

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