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Post production of movie starts from Scratch.

For the latest instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise (pictured), US-based post-production house Company 3 successfully deployed Scratch--the end-to-end digital camera and broadcast imaging tool for post-production workflows from Assimilate, to process 3D stereoscopic Red Epic 5k footage.

Harnessing Scratch at the heart of the pipeline for the movie, Company 3 established a set-to-post workflow that travelled with the production team as it moved between locations in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and the stages at Pinewood Studios, UK. 3D stereoscopic footage and metadata passed continually back-and-forth between near-set Scratch systems at the different locations and systems at Company 3's facility in Santa Monica and Deluxe 142 in London.


During the main production, shot using Red MX cameras, Scratch was the hub for 4k technical reviews, convergence adjustments, and primary dailies grading of Red R3D footage, and later for the review and 2k digital projections of graded dailies. The production also deployed a separate Scratch, which was used by the digital imaging technician on-set.

Dylan Carter, director of nonlinear workflow at Company 3, who is responsible for the overall design, build and management of the 3D stereoscopic workflow on the feature, commented: "We got a new build of Scratch from Assimilate, dropped the Epic 5K 3D stereo footage in, and it just worked."
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Publication:APB Magazine
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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