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Post poliomyelitis syndrome: A rare sequel of acute poliomyelitis.

Byline: Arzu Yagiz On

Madam, RE: Post poliomyelitis syndrome: A raresequel of acute poliomyelitis.1

In this case report, the authors referred to our article2 and stated that lamotrigine was found to be ineffective in post poliosyndrome in a case control study. However, there seems to be two major mistakes. 1. Our study was not a case-control study, instead a randomized controlled study. 2. In this study, we found lamotrigine to be effective in relieving pain and fatigue symptoms and improving life qualities of patients with post-polio syndrome. We have been using Lamotrigine with great success in patients with post polio syndrome for over 15 years. However, because our study was single-blinded and not placebo- controlled, a randomized controlled trial is needed to confirm the results.3


1. Abrar A, Ahmad A. Post poliomyelitis syndrome: A rare sequel of acute poliomyelitis. JPak Med Assoc 2015; 65: 327-9

2. On AY, Oncu J, Uludag B, Ertekin C. Effects of lamotrigine on the symptoms and life qualities of patients with post polio syndrome: a randomized, controlled study. Neuro Rehabilitation. 2005; 20:245-51.

3. Farbu E.Update on current and emerging treatment options for post-polio syndrome.TherClin Risk Manag 2010;6:307-13.

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Publication:Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
Article Type:Clinical report
Date:May 31, 2015
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