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Post and courier services.

Contract award: letters transit services in 2015: 2nd

Procurement of Letters Relay services as below service areas:

A) Full Sweden:

1. mediation of correspondence, first class mail,

2. mediation of correspondence, B-mail.

B) Regional level:

1. mediation of unsorted mail transmissions, first class mail,

2. mediation of unsorted mail broadcasts, B-mails,

3. mediation of sorted mail transmissions, first class mail,

4. mediation of sorted mail broadcasts, B-mails,

5. mediation of sorted ADR-class mail,

6. mediation of non-bundled (exclusive) UDM,

7. mediation of Periodicals A sorted and unsorted,

8. mediation of Periodicals B sorted,

9. mediation of Periodicals B containing.

C) Local level:

1. mediation of correspondence, first class mail,

2. mediation of correspondence, B-mail.

D) Foreign Europe and the world:

1. mediation of foreign correspondence, first-class mail Priori Launcher and economics letters.

Date of contract award: 30.1.2015

Number of offers received: 10


Contractor address : Polhemsplatsen 5

SE-411 11 G?teborg


Agency : Statens ink?pscentral vid Kammarkollegiet

Box 2218

For the attention of: Jeanette Hemmingsson

SE-103 15 Stockholm



country :Sweden

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Feb 14, 2015
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