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Post Style: What's new - Hands up for a dollop of extra care.

Cross a fortune teller's palm with silver and they will read the lines on yours as if it were a road map of your future. Hands are the key to our emotions but they are also one of the most hard working and abused parts of the body.

Constantly exposed to the elements, battered by hot liquids and cold temperatures, and all they get in the way of TLC is a dollop of hand cream.

Hands are surprisingly vulnerable considering what they are asked to withstand. There are few sebaceous glands on the back which makes them susceptible to dehydration, chafing and premature ageing, particularly the appearance of pigmentation marks. The palms are subject to repeated rubbing which causes the skin to thicken and roughen and the nails have a tendency to become brittle and split.

Unlike many American woman we have not fully embraced the idea of making a trip to the manicurist a regular part of our beauty routine. To compensate we should show our hands the same consideration we do our complexions, moisturising them as frequently as we do our faces.

Nivea and Clarins have both produced new products designed to combat the signs of ageing in hands.

Nivea's new Hand Nourishing Creme (pounds 2.99) contains liposomes to transport moisture directly into the epidermis, avocado oil to protect against dryness and to act as a softening agent, and vitamin E to protect against free radical activity.

Clarins new Age-Control Hand Lotion SPF (pounds 13) contains sun filters to prevent pigmentation marks, a gentle exfoliant to lighten existing marks and melanin inhibitors. It also has vegetal-based glycerine to fortify the nails. Now treat yourself to a DIY hand massage by following these guidelines.

1. To refine the fingers massage from the tip towards the palm.

2. To stretch hands join the tips of the fingers together and press firmly.

3. To strengthen hands spread the fingers as far as possible then make a fist.

4. To relax hands hold above the head and shake gently. Place hands down flat and raise fingers one at a time.

5. To stimulate circulation, massage nail area.

If you are planning to swim your way to shape this summer it is probably wise to invest in a new costume while the shops are still bursting with beach wear.

To help you glide through the waves at your local lido, top water sports brand Arena have launched a new fabric designed to help you swim faster.

X-flat is lighter, finer, smoother and less absorbent than textiles traditionally used in the manufacture of costumes. The lady's suit weighs only 54 g when dry, it is only 0.29 mm thick and creates less friction in the water than human skin. It also only absorbs 40 per cent of its weight in water, making it lighter when wet, and dries ten times faster than normal.

The women's X-flat styles include the open back Marsi (pounds 32) and zip back Mavrik (pounds 36). The Savrick racer brief for men is pounds 22.

For details of stockists call Arena on 01524 848 878.

Spot on for zapping those facial eruptions

Murphy's Law dictates that the day of a hot date, important interview or big night out will always coincide with facial eruptions that make Mount Vesuvius look like a mildly irritated hillock. Spots always have impeccable timing, breaking out just as you want to look your best.

To combat such bruising blows to skin and confidence Laboratoires Garnier have developed an emergency patch to slap onto the offending pimple.

The Synergie Pure Express Patch is a transparent adhesive disc designed to be applied to the spot before you go to bed in order to quicken the drying process.

The disc keeps air, dirt and bacteria away from the affected area, while soothing and calming it with a mix of anti-bacterial agent and camomile.

It is part of the Pure range for oily and combination skins, which also includes a deep pore wash, pore purifying astringent, sebum control moisturiser and T-Zone purifying strip.

The Express Patch comes in boxes of 24 and is currently available exclusively from Boots for pounds 5.99.

Shimmering summer

Get ready for a golden summer, however inclement the weather may be.

Mercurio, the Roman Messenger God, is the divine inspiration behind a shimmering range of shades from Borghese.

Liquid formulas that melt into the skin help to create a molten metallic look for the face, eyes, lips and nails.

Lip lacquer, glossy eye shadow, pearled, incandescent foundation and bronze and ruby nail varnish, create a glittering impression.

Product prices range from pounds 9.50 to pounds 20 and they are available from Borghese counters in leading department stores until the end of May.
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Date:May 12, 1999
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