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Post Script: 25 Years Ago.

The price of coal was advanced yesterday morning in south Staffordshire and Worcestershire districts by 2 shilling a ton. This advance is considered to be enormous and will have the tendency to further cripple many industries.

Birmingham Daily Post

September 1900

A plea to the EEC to pump millions of pounds into the depressed economy of the West Midlands was made by county council leaders in Brussels yesterday.

Faced with the spectre of massive unemployment, they pressed the West Midlands' case for special treatment. The seven-man delegation, headed by Coun Stan Yapp, leader of the West Midlands County Council, visited Luxembourg.

The Birmingham Post September 1975

Birmingham is to be televised from the air this autumn as part of the world's first airborne television programme. In an aircraft circling first London, and then Birmingham, a cameraman will 'shoot' the scene below.

Birmingham Post September 1950
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 11, 2000
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