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NORTH CAROLINA: An unwanted parrot has found a permanent home with an animal humane society because his foul mouth makes him impossible to put up for re-homing.

"The bird makes us laugh, and we don't get many laughs, so we're keeping him," said Ms Patti Lewis, founder and president of the humane society in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The bird, called Flounder, was taught so much profanity by his former owners that the humane society does not want anyone else to adopt it

Ms Lewis is worried that if someone asked where a bird like that came from, the new owner would say the humane society. "It would not be the best PR," she said.

Flounder, named after the character in the classic American comedy Animal House, can also make a noise that sounds exactly like someone breaking wind and then says "excuse me".
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Title Annotation:International
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Mar 29, 2000
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