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Post Road Ale is marketed in Boston.

Post Road Ale is marketed in Boston

Furthering its reputation as one of the hottest beer markets in the country, Post Road Real Ale, a British-style pale ale, was recently introduced to the Boston area. Post Road Ale is a product of the Old Marlborough Brewing Co. of Marlborough, MA, which has the ale contract-brewed by the Catamount Brewing Co. in White River Junction, ME.

Old Marlborough's founders, A.J. Moran, Joe Cunningham, Barry McCarthy and Larry Bastien started with a love of good beer and coupled it with extensive market research, and decided to introduce an ale of their own.

Inspired by the success of Sierra Nevada on the West Coast, and Catamount in New England, the aim of Post Road Real Ale, according to Bastien, is to "Stay true to British ale roots, while making an ale that has the elements of the `American' ale character that has developed."

The name of the brew comes from the Old Post Road, the road that runs between New York and Boston, and where the first regulated mail service began. As travel along the road increased in the late 1600s, taverns began to spring up along side to serve thirsty travelers. Post Road Real Ale, according to Bastien, is today's equivalent to the beer that tavern keepers brewed for their customers.

Currently, the beer is being distributed in Massachusetts only, both in bottles and on draught. Bastien feels that the ale must first become established in its home market before nation-wide expansion can be considered.

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Title Annotation:product of Old Marlborough Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 9, 1990
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