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Possibles bag: 11 things that can make your hunt go great.

Field Test


Beloptix Trophy glasses are far more than a pair of shades. Patented photochromic coating allows the lenses to darken automatically when exposed to sunlight, and lighten when sunlight intensity decreases--automatically adjusting to field conditions. When combined with a polarized film to reduce glare, the result is high-performance field eyewear. Five lens colors are available, three specifically designed for hunting and shooting applications: purple, target orange and yellow. The Trophies provide 100 percent UV-A and UV-B protection and are available with prescription lenses. The wraparound frame has side panels for peripheral vision and is available in three styles: tortoise, black and Realtree camo. I wore them turkey hunting last spring and, as a prescription eyeglass wearer tired of switching between regular specs and sunglasses, I found them to be just the ticket for hunting. 860/434-9191, WWW.BELOPTIX.COM--J. Scott Rupp


Save time at the range with this nifty laser-powered bore sighter. Caliber-specific inserts allow you to place a small laser in any rifle's chamber. The laser shines through a sighting post (a small cylindrical insert that goes in your gun's muzzle) onto a special target placed 25 feet away, allowing you to adjust the crosshairs of your scope until they line up with the crosshairs on the target. Laser power pack requires two AA batteries. Covers a wide range of calibers from .22-250 to .458 Lott, including WSM and Rem. Ultra Mags. $59.99, 877/269-8490, WWW.SSI-ONUNE.COM


The E20 0utdoorsman is a high performance hand-held light that runs on two lithium batteries and produces 25 lumens of light--brighter than a standard two D-cell flashlight--with 2 1/2 hours of run time. Just 4 1/2 inches long, it's small, light and incredibly tough. A full line of colored filters, extra batteries, lamps, lanyards and other accessories are available. $95 (light only), 800/828-8809, WWW.SUREFIRE.COM


The wide angle lens of the Stealth Cam MC2-GRT covers a generous 60-degree swath of trail, and with a flash that's effective out to 24 feet, it's great for any time of day. An infrared sensor activates the camera using both heat and motion. You can also capture a series of photos of a single animal. The unit is programmable to shoot one to nine photos when motion is detected and is programmable to sleep from one to 60 minutes between motion activations. An external display shows status of film and batteries. Year/day/month or time stamping is possible on on all photos, and the unit runs on eight AA batteries (not included) which provide continuous 24-hour operation for up to 21 days. $89.99, 888/304-6125, WWW.STEALTHCAM.NET

Field Test


Hunting big game in Canada last year, the only time it wasn't raining was when the wind was blowing. Either way, water traveled vertically and horizontally into every bit of gear I carried--especially my rifle. Yet after a long, soaking week, the bore and finish on my Ruger bolt-action were just as pristine as they were when I left. The secret was five minutes every night with a small strip of Birchwood Casey's Sheath Take-Along gun cloth. These little jewels are individual 5x8-inch cloths impregnated with SHEATH Rust Preventive and sealed in a foil packet for compact carrying. I had only one with me and cut it into strips, rationing for the week. I'd put a strip on a cleaning rod and swab the bore then use the same strip to wipe down all metal surfaces, it's about the most compact cleaning kit I've ever found. 800/328-6156, WWW.BIRCHWOODCASEY.COM--Daryl Carson


The DPT stands for "drop-point tactical," but this is a great hunting knife. Its N690 blade and the Kraton handle will be appreciated by hunters who prefer a fixed blade for heavy cutting chores. It offers a solid grip and, of course, a razor sharp edge, but the standout feature of this knife is that it can be disassembled. Yup. A unique assembly systems holds the knife handle to the full tang blade; disassembly is via an allen wrench and a small bolt in the butt of the handle. It's easy-cleaning convenience with the strength of a fixed blade. Blade measures 4.48 inches, and total weight is 6.02 ounces. $60, 800/800-7427, WWW.BENCHMADE.COM


Positive expansion on deer-size game comes from a unique design in Traditions' T-Shock bullets. At the center of the bullet is a hydraulic chamber filled with an EPA-approved liquid. Upon impact, this chamber collapses and helps the bullet mushroom, transmitting enormous energy to the animal. These bullets also boast 90 percent weight retention and come with easy-loading sabots. Available in .45, .50 and .54 calibers in a variety of bullet weights. 860/388-4656, WWW.TRADITIONSFIREARMS.COM


The Scout is a light weight, mini-headlamp with settings for three levels of brightness plus two survival strobes. Two LED bulbs are powered by four coin ceil batteries that provide 24 hours of use at the brightest setting. The light comes with an adjustable elastic headband great for map reading or other closeup work, The headband is also detachable, and the light can be used with an integrated hat/collar clip. $21.99, WWW.KIMBERAMERICA.COM


Designed for all phases of the rut, the Great Big Can from Primes Calls is a bigger version of its popular Original can. Suitable for long-range calling, it produces doe-in-estrus bleats that will attract whitetail, blacktail and mule deer. To operate, hold the can upside down and then rotate right-side up. For travel to your stand, the call can be quieted by simply removing a hole-covering sticker on the bottom of the can. $12, 601/879-9323, WWW.PRIMOS.C0M


Quick detachable scope rings allow a scope to be removed and reattached in just a few seconds without tools--with no loss of zero. The Wame Maxima series of steel rings uses an adjustable double lever system. It is actually a small box-end wrench that tightens or loosens the clamp on the mounting base so the rings can be attached to the scope without removing the clamp assembly. Once attached to the rifle, the levers can be easily adjusted to sit in any desired orientation. Turn the levers counterclockwise until the clamp clears the mounting base to remove the scope. Reattach by reversing the process, making sure that the stainless steel recoil lug is seated into Weaver-style bases. $49.95, 800/683-5590, WWW.WARNESCOPEMOUNTS.COM


More hunters are wisely using hearing protection in the field these days because they realize how much damage even a single rifle or shotgun shot can cause. Traditional ear plugs are fine for, say, the dove fields, but what about on deer stand? Today's electronic hearing protection allows you to hear what's going on in the woods (or the range) while simultaneously blocking damaging noise levels from gunshots. The Mini Canals from EAR are small electronic units that fit the ear either with switchable tips or in a custom Combo Mold configuration (shown). The Mini Canals are moisture resistant and feature easy-to-use volume control; battery life is 170 to 210 hours. Available in analog ($795 per set) and digital ($1,850 per set); Combo Mold, $140. 800/525-2690; WWW.EARINC.C0M

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Date:Sep 15, 2004
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