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Positive clinical trial results in stem cell selection technology for transplantation.

TEL AVIV, Israel, February. 21, 2017 -- Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (APOP) announced positive final results from a clinical trial of its proprietary method of stem cell selection by going through the process of production and characterization.

The trial with ApoGraft was conducted on samples obtained in collaboration with two leading medical centers in Israel, the Schneider Children's Medical Center and the Rambam Medical Center.

Cellect's technology enables the use of stem cells for regenerative therapies by eliminating mature cells while leaving the stem cells unharmed using a natural process occurring in the human body, apoptosis (programed cell death), which "orders" cells to commit suicide.

Cellect's validated scientific platform, and the focus of its seven families of patents, is that the apoptosis command destroys primarily mature cells, while stem cells remain alive and flourishing.

This process allows for natural enrichment of stem cells, thus enabling stem cell-based therapies or transplantation to possess an abundance of quality stem cells with little to no risk of rejection or other complications, such as graft versus host disease (GvHD).

The study included 104 healthy donors of blood stem cells. The samples (collected under approval of Helsinki committees) represented five percent of a graft used for transplantation into patients.

The grafts were processed allowing stem cell production for transplantation with Cellect's ApoGraft.

The use of the ApoGraft resulted in a significant increase in the death of mature immune cells, primarily T Lymphocytes, without compromising the quantity and quality of stem cells.

The process takes only a few hours as compared to days of complex and expansive lab work with traditional methods.

It is anticipated to be cost effective in comparison to current approaches, and has the potential to significantly reduce the risk of GvHD.

"These results from processing human stem cells for bone marrow transplantation using ApoGraft clearly demonstrated that Cellect's proprietary platform could improve the outcome of stem cell transplantations in patients suffering from hematological malignancies," said Yaron Pereg of Cellect.


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Date:Mar 6, 2017
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