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Positive 2012 for macadamia nuts.

Good news for NPD's that are considering using macadamia nuts but have been discouraged by recent sourcing issues, as world crop expectations for the nut this year are significantly higher than 2011. 34,500 tonnes of nut in shell are expected from South Africa and 37,070 tonnes of nut in shell are expected from Australia. With last years crops from South Africa and Australia blighted by hail and flooding the new crop announcement is welcome news.

Derek Donkin, CEO of SAMAC (South African Macadamias Growers Association) comments on the increased crop volume: "The international macadamia nut industry has been buoyed by the positive crop results, due in part to younger orchards coming into full production and also the favourable weather conditions." Says Donkin, "The industry has also benefited from the extensive Jubilee media interest following the announcement that macadamias are Her Majesty the Queen's favourite nut."

SAMAC continues to encourage NPD's to use the nut and invites them to enter a draw for a case of macadamia nuts (11.34kg) to aid with the development of new products.

Contact International Macadamia Advice Centre (MAC) on tel 020 7580 1770 or visit

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