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Position of the academy of nutrition and dietetics, dietitians of Canada, and the American college of sports medicine: nutrition and athletic performance.


It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Medicine that the performance of, and recovery from, sporting activities are enhanced by well-chosen nutrition strategies. These organizations provide guidelines for the appropriate type, amount and timing of intake of food, fluids and dietary supplements to promote optimal health and sport performance across different scenarios of training and competitive sport.

This paper outlines the current energy, nutrient, and fluid recommendations for active adults and competitive athletes. These general recommendations can be adjusted by sports dietitians to accommodate the unique issues of individual athletes regarding health, nutrient needs, performance goals, physique characteristics (i.e., body size, shape, growth, and composition), practical challenges and food preferences.

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L'Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Les dietetistes du Canada et l' American College of Sports Medicine sont d'avis que des strategies de nutrition soigneusement selectionnees ameliorent les performances sportives et la recuperation a la suite d' activites physiques. Ces organismes proposent des lignes directrices quant au type et a la quantite d' aliments, de liquides et de supplements alimentaires a consommer et au moment approprie des apports pour favoriser une sante et une performance optimales dans divers scenarios d'entrainement et de sports de competition.

Ce document decrit les recommandations actuelles en matiere d'apport en energie, en nutriments et en liquides pour les adultes actifs et les athletes de competition. Ces recommandations generales peuvent etre ajustees par les dietetistes du sport afin de convenir aux situations uniques des athletes sur le plan de la sante, des besoins en nutriments, des objectifs de performance, des caracteristiques physiques (c.-a-d., taille, forme, croissance et composition du corps), des defis pratiques et des preferences alimentaires.

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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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