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Position Options.

Deciding which waistline carry position is best can be confusing. Here's a down-and-dirty list of the pros and cons of various positions from the perspective of a right-handed shooter.

Best for OWB

Three o'clock or hip carry is probably the most natural carry location. Your hand just seems to automatically fall to a gun worn in this position. However, since it extends farther from your body, hip carry can make it difficult to keep your gun concealed, and it requires a substantial (in terms of size) over-garment.

Best for IWB

One o'clock or appendix carry is great for concealment and facilitates a quick draw, since the gun has to travel less distance to the target than other waistline carry methods. However, this position tends to be uncomfortable when seated.

Six o'clock or small of the back carry is an easy way to conceal a gun but can make for a somewhat awkward draw stroke. In addition, when you're seated the gun can press against the small of your back, causing discomfort.

Works for Both

Eleven o'clock or the cross-draw position works well when seated for extended periods but is not the most practical in close quarters. since your draw could easily be fouled by an adversary who pins your arm.

Four o'clock or behind the hip carry offers a logical compromise between concealment and ease of draw. While this is essentially the same draw as from hip carry, this position uses the natural shape of your body to better conceal your gun.--RN

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