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Posers and puzzles.

Could you provide me with information on the American sergeant John Sweet, who played the role of Sergeant Bob Johnson in the film A Canterbury Tale. Did he return to active service? G Connor, Glasgow

John Sweet was a US army sergeant serving in the UK in World War II when he was selected by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger to play the role of Sergeant Bob Johnson.

He was born in Minnesota and after the film, he went back to the United States.

He made some effort to forge out an acting career, notably in theatre, but finally decided to go back to his original profession, teaching.

A friend's daughter recently joined Kilmarnock Academy. She told me the school has produced two Nobel Prize winners. Is this true? F McNulty, Ayrshire Kilmarnock Academy is one of only a small handful of schools to have produced two Nobel Prize winning former pupils.

They are Lochfield-born Alexander Fleming and Kilmaurs-born Lord Boyd Orr.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1945 was awarded jointly to biologist, pharmacologist and botanist Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain and Sir Howard Walter Florey "for the discovery of penicillin and its curative effect in various infectious diseases". Fleming died age 73 in 1955.

Lord Boyd Orr was a teacher, doctor, biologist and politician who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his scientific research into sweet Actor John !

nutrition and his work as the first director-general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). He received the prize in 1949 and died aged 90 in 1971.

I read this week that people are still dying from the Great Plague in the US. Why is this and why hasn't this old disease disappeared? E McGinty, Edinburgh

The Great Plague, or the Black Death, caused about 50 million deaths across Africa, Asia and Europe in the 14th Century, wiping out up to half of Europe's population. But it is still endemic in some parts of the world, including Madagascar.

There have been 15 cases in the US so far this year.

The bacterium responsible - yersinia pestis - was introduced to the US by rat-infested steamships in 1900, so experts believe unless we exterminate rodents, the disease will always remain a threat.

1. In which soap did actress Dawn Steele last week make her debut?

2. Which Hollywood star appeared as a guest panelist on lunchtime show Loose Women?

3. Which iconic flats in Glasgow were left with two of their six towers intact after a failed demolition attempt?

4. Which country said it won't be charging the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion?

5. On what date this year will Glasgow hold its annual Guy Fawkes' fireworks display at Glasgow Green?

6. Who is the new manager of Dundee United FC?

7. Who sparked a Twitter storm over her OCD comments?

8. In which city were the SNP holding their annual conference?

9. The Scottish Parliament is to be given new powers over laws relating to which medical procedure?

10. Who has taken over from Nick Hewer as one of Lord Sugar's assistants on The Apprentice?

11. Which team last week knocked Glasgow City out of the UEFA Women's Champions League?

12. Who has returned to Fir Park as the new manager of Motherwell?

13. Which politician knocked over a 10-year-old boy during a rugby match in Japan?

14. Men born in rural areas in Scotland are likely to outlive those from cities by how many years, the week according to a new study from the Registrar General for Scotland?

15. Which Scotland rugby players were this week given a three-match ban?

16. An area of which town was evacuated while experts moved an unexploded mine found in the Firth of Clyde?

17. Which star of the new film Suffragette gave birth to her first baby last month?

18. Where has Kate Winslet revealed she keeps her Best Actress Oscar?

19. How long has new research revealed the virus Ebola can linger in the body for?

20. The High Court last week upheld a ruling by Sport England that which activity was not a sport?

1. River City 2. Goldie Hawn 3. Red Road 4. Zimbabwe 5. November 4th 6. Mixu Paatelainen 7. Michelle Mone 8. Aberdeen 9. Abortion 10. Claude Littner 11. Chelsea 12. Mark McGhee 13. Boris Johnson 14. 3.5 years 15. Ross Ford and Jonny Gray 16. Gourock 17. Carey Mulligan 18. Her bathroom 19. Nine months 20. Bridge


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