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Posers and puzzles.

My husband bought some traditional toffee recently and it came with a small hammer but the shopkeeper told him they were once used as a political tool too. Is this correct?

M McDonald, Renfrewshire. That is correct. A toffee hammer is designed for breaking up sheets or slabs of hard toffee into small pieces. It is sometimes included as a novelty item in gift packs.

But they were used by suffragettes, in particular members of the Women's Social and Political Union, for breaking windows as a form of protest during their campaign for votes for women.

Just a It is reported that in November 1911, window-smashing became an official policy. A friend has recently been to see the film The Martian featuring Sean Bean but remembers him as a soldier from a television programme. What could it have been? L McDougall, Ayrshire. The programme was called Sharpe. It featured Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe, a fictional British soldier in the Napoleonic Wars.

Sharpe is the hero of a number of novels by Bernard Cornwell; most, though not all, of the episodes are based on the books. The series originally ran from 1993 to 1997.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Bean made his professional debut in a theatre production of Romeo and Juliet in 1983. His first mainstream success was for Sharpe. More recently he appeared in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

tv soldier Sean Bean Sk!

3. My recent holiday in America began and ended with a seven-hour flight. How long did the first ever manned flight last? J McGinty, Edinburgh The first flight lasted for just 12 seconds for a total distance of 120ft - shorter than the wingspan of a Boeing 747.

The Wright Flyer, often retrospectively referred to as Flyer I or 1903 Flyer, was the first successful powered aircraft.

It was designed and built by the Wright brothers.

They flew it four times on December 17, 1903, near Kill Devil Hills, about four miles south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, US.

Today, the airplane is exhibited in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

The US Smithsonian Institution describes the aircraft as "the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot aboard."

1. How many people aged 100 or more live in Scotland, according to the latest estimate from the National Records of Scotland?

2. The UK Government last week pledged to spend PS25million building a new prison in which country, so it can send more foreign prisoners home to serve their sentences?

3. Where was the recent Labour Party conference held?

4. Name the Scottish teenager who made the semi-finals of The Great British Bake Off?

5. Where is the driving centre with the highest theory pass rate, according to DVSA?

6. Former athletics golden girl Liz McColgan is to star in which new ITV show?

7. Name the SNP MP suspended last week from the party?

8. Which village in the Cairngorms has enjoyed warmer temperatures than Barcelona?

9. Mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins last week gave birth to a daughter. What is the baby's name?

10. How many cars in the UK have Volkswagen admitted are involved in the emissions' scandal?

11. Which member of the Royal Family said animals had no rights?

12. Which country last week carried out its first air strikes in Syria?

13. Doctors have been granted approval to carry out the UK's Quiz mum Katherine Jenkins the week first transplants of which part of the body?

14. Which team did the Scotland rugby team play yesterday in their latest World Cup clash?

15. Which Olympic diver has announced his engagement?

16. What is the common name given to a new scheme rolled out in Scotland last week that allows people to be told if their partner has been violent in the past?

17. Which football club brought out a commemorative strip to mark the Battle of Loos?

18. Which designer has stepped down as the head of the company he founded?

19. Who plays the title role in the new movie Macbeth?

20. On which island in Scotland was much of the film shot?

Quiz of the week the team from tv Sean Just aSk!


1. 910 2. Jamaica 3. Brighton 4. Flora Shedden 5. Lerwick 6. Eternal Glory 7. Michelle Thomson 8. Aviemore 9. Aaliyah Reign 10. More than one million 11. Princess Michael of Kent 12. Russia 13. Womb 14. South Africa 15. Tom Daley 16. Clare's Law 17. Dundee FC 18. Ralph Lauren 19. Michael Fassbender 20. Skye
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