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Poseidon and the Danube.

In memory of the Hungarian Jews killed and drowned in the Danube.

Under the Arrow Cross regime in Hungary during the Second World War, a number of Jews, mostly old Jews or pregnant women unfit to work, were taken to the Danube where they were shot and killed and thrown into the river.

(Martin Gilbert in The Holocaust p. 762)


   Poseidon, nostalgic
   for his kingdom of the seas,
   returns to Earth,
   to his seas and rivers.

   He reaches the Danube.
   O Donau so blau,
   So blau, so blau ...
   The tunes of the waltz
   resound through the river
   and he waltzes
   on the heaven-blue water.

   But further away,
   looking down,
   Poseidon sees
   masses of skeletons,
   shot and drowned.
   The blue of the river
   turns into black
   like a veil of mourning,
   and the waltz changes
   into a funeral march.
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Author:Low, Cecile
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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