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Portuguese urged to clear McCanns.

Byline: BY TIM WALSH Daily Post Correspondent

A SPOKESMAN for Liverpool-born Kate McCann and husband Gerry has declared "enough is enough" as he called on Portuguese police to clear the couple over their missing daughter, Madeleine.

Four members of the Portuguese investigation team are due to fly home from the UK today after a meeting with British forensic experts to discuss DNA samples collected for the inquiry into the missing four-year-old.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell told reporters: "Enough is enough. There can be nothing that incriminates Kate and Gerry because they are innocent. We are hopeful this meeting will help speed up the process eliminating Kate and Gerry from the inquiry. They just want the injustice of being suspects to end and the real job of finding Madeleine to resume.

"We hope that following this meeting, the Portuguese prosecutor will let common sense prevail and will lift their aguido status. Forensic evidence, if there is any, is inconclusive or explicable, so they should be eliminated from the inquiry."

PORTUGUESE police are to make a formal request to re-interview the McCanns, according to reports last night.

ITV News reported that detectives were preparing an application to a British court to reinterview the McCanns and their friends.

A report on the network said that might be bad news for the McCanns - or may mean instead that police were preparing to remove their suspect status.

Mr Mitchell said later: "Kate and Gerry and their friends have consistently said they are more than happy to be reinterviewed if Portuguese police feel it is necessary."


'Aguido' status - Kate and Gerry McCann
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 1, 2007
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