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Portugal Seafood Conference.

The 15th International Seafood Conference was held November 1-4, 1992 in Lisbon, Portugal. This was the first time this international seafood industry group has met in Portugal. A variety of seafood topics were presented at the conference.

Portugal, Irradiation, Pelagics, Cephalopods

The Monday Meeting Session featured the following speakers. Mr. Eurico Pimenta de Brito, Director General for Fisheries, Portugal, spoke on the Fishing Industry of Portugal. Mr. Yves Henon, Managing Director, Gammaster Provence S.A., France, spoke on the Irradiation of Seafood (photo not available). Gammaster has been in the forefront of seafood irradiation and Mr. Henon presented the latest views and discussed ramifications of irradiation of both fresh and frozen fish and shellfish. An overview of the World Pelagic situation was presented by Mr. Finn Bergesen, Jr., Managing Director, Norges Sildesaldgslag, Norway. Ms. Helga Josupeit, Fishery Industry Officer, FAO, Italy, spoke on the world Cephalopod Markets.

World Groundfish Symposium

Tuesday was devoted to the ISC Groundfish Symposium, which featured the popular World Groundfish Panel and presentations on the U.S. Prospective on Russian Groundfish and the European Prospective of Russian Groundfish. The respective speakers for these two presentations were Mr. Ron Jensen, President & CEO, Arctic Alaska Fisheries, USA and Mr. Poul Torring, Assistant Managing Director, Foodmark A/S, Denmark. Groundfish Panel speakers spoke on their respective fishing regions and presented world resource outlooks for 1993.

Groundfish Panel speakers were: Mr. Pal Berger, Vice President of Marketing, Frionor A/S, Norway; Mr. Peter Sandvig, Director of Sales & Marketing, Emerald Seafood, USA; Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez Lemmi, President of Gonzalez Lemmi S.A., Argentina; Mr. Eduardo Infante, President, INCOFOODS, Chile; Mr. David Hogg, General Manager, SeaLord Products Ltd., New Zealand; Mr. Roger Williams, General Manager of Seafood Marketing, Irvin & Johnson, Ltd., South Africa. Panel moderator was Mr. Sid Cohen, President, Seamark, USA.

State of the Seafood Industry, Shrimp, USA FDA/NOAA Inspection Program

Wednesday's meeting session focused on a variety of topics. Mr. Kress Muenzmay, the President of General Mills International Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, China Coast), USA, gave the popular State of the Seafood industry talk. He presented his views on how the world foodservice industry is being influenced by changing seafood resources, quality and prices.

The World Salmon Outlook as it is changing in today's markets, was covered in depth by Mr. Brian Rogers, Sea Farms Canada, Inc., Canada. Mr. William D. Chauvin, President of Shrimp World and Publisher of Shrimp Notes, USA, presented his views on the World Shrimp Outlook and an in-depth critique of the programs presented at the Shrimp '92 Conference in Hong Kong.

Changes, Outlook, and Update: USA FDA/NOAA Seafood Inspection Program was presented by Mr. Edward Steele, Acting Director, program Management Staff, FDA Seafood inspection Division, USA. This program was of interest to those exporting to the US.

Two hundred and twenty-three registrants attended the conference. The total number of companies attending was 134 from 30 countries. The number of countries remains the same as the previous year, with a decrease of 24% in business registrants and a decrease of 20% in companies from the previous year. The decreases in participation can be attributed primarily to two factors: 1) the continuing worldwide recession and 2) competition from other seafood conferences and exhibitions.

Those attending the conference were top executives of their organizations: managing directors, presidents, sales directors, import/export managers, government and university officials. The Conference is open to all interested in the worldwide trade of seafoods. The delegates come from various segments of the seafood industry: fishing, packing, processing, distribution, importers, exporters, restaurant chains, and foodmarket chains. The purpose of this annual meeting was to hear fish and shellfish executives from both private and public sectors address important seafood industry topics. The afternoons of each day at the Conference were set aside for delegates to hold private discussions with business colleagues in a quiet and relaxed manner.
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