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Portraits in Watercolor with James Kirk.

PORTRAITS IN WATERCOLOR with James Kirk. Two videotapes, VHS or Beta, 60 minutes each, 1988. Ashland Video Productions. Part I: The Elements of Design is a slowly developed instructional video beginning with drawing as a basis for painting. After demonstrating the stretching of watercolor paper, the artist discusses and demonstrates his use and interpretation of texture, value and color. He acknowledges the influences of the masters on his work and makes reference to them as he introduces new concepts and techniques. Using the wet-on-wet technique, he leads the viewer through the development of a watercolor portrait. The use of a model when painting stresses the need to see clearly and to reinterpret the image with emphasis on the elements and principles of design.

Part II: The Magic of Light and Dark shows the development of a very fluid approach to the painting of portraits in watercolor and the artist's very free and spontaneous approach to it. Exploring the use of lines, shapes, values and color in painting, the artist presents a series of exercises in portrait painting and demonstrates his intuitive approach to color and painting. When solving the problems of color and painting, he refers to masters such as Matisse and Delacroix while maintaining his own personal interpretations.

The length of these videos suggests that they were not designed for use in the classroom, but for use as an informational and instructional tool for the teacher. However, the artist's candid manner and method would be an excellent motivating and instructional instrument for the artroom at the secondary level.
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Author:Driscoll, Virgi
Publication:School Arts
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Date:Mar 1, 1989
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