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Portland to New Orleans by steam.

Thundering over the tracks between San Frnacisco and Los Angeles from the late 1930s until the mid-1950s, the Southern Pacific's sleek orange-and-black Coast Daylight was the epitome of rail travel in the West.

This May and June, you'll have a rare chance to climb aboard a re-creation of that famous steam train and ride a segment of its grand round-trip excursion between Portland and the Louisiana World Exposition in New Orleans. Reserve seats now.

Organized by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, this nostalgic special won't approach the elegance of the old Coast Daylight, but the 13-car train will come as close as possible to the original. The engine, the only survivor of 28 built by Lima Locomotive works, ran the Daylight and other routes from 194 to 1957. Rolling stock will include period passenger coaches (no sleepers), observation car, and dining car, but food service is limited to standard-issue box lunches.

The train will leave Portland May 5, arriving in New Orleans June 2. Western stops include Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tucson. On thsi outbound run, the train will stop for tours in many major cities. It starts back to Portland on June 9, arriving June 24.

You can buy tickets on a point-to-point basis or as part of tour packages (you overnight in hotels). For example, rides cost $50 between Sacramento and San Francisco, $140 between San Francisco and Los Angeles (two-day trip). One package tour from Phoenix to Los Angeles (two days and nights) starts at $275, including hotels, one-way air fare.

For a complete excursion schedule and ticket details, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to NRHS, Room 1, Union Station, Portland 97209.
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Title Annotation:Louisiana World Exposition travel
Date:Apr 1, 1984
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