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Portland Oregon old town.



U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Eini's membership with FPS dates back to her undergraduate days at the University of Maine, Orono where she earned a BS in Forestry with a Wood Science and Technology focus. She received an MS in Forest Products from Oregon State University. Corvallis, OR. For the past 25 years, Eini has been a Research Scientist with the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station in Portland, OR. Her work has addressed deterioration and utilization of dead and dying trees (as a result of disturbance), utilization of hardwoods, and opportunities (with a value-added emphasis) for using biomass and small diameter trees focusing on integration of markets specifically at the rural community level. In her spare time, you will find Eini bicycling, gardening and hiking.

The prestigious Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award, named for the first President of the Society, recognizes exceptional service to the Forest Products Society by an individual member.

2016 Gottschalk Award Judges:

Chair: Rich Vlosky, Louisiana State University Mark Gibson, Louisiana Tech University Niels de Hoop, Louisiana State University David Patterson, Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas at Monticello Tim Young, University of Tennessee



Oregon State University

Dr. Rakesh Gupta has been a leader in the field of wood engineering and has worked toward enhancing the global competitiveness of American wood products industry through training of practicing engineers and academic leaders throughout his career. Fie is currently a Professor in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering at Oregon State University, with expertise in the area of Structural Wood Engineering/ Mechanics.The major thrust of his research is the area of Timber Engineering and Mechanics. Most recently, his research projects have ranged from behavior of wood frame structures under extreme loads, like, hurricane, tornadoes, and earthquakes, to mechanical properties and behavior of wood and wood based composites. In his 25 years of career at OSU, he has published close to 100 refereed journal publications, and he has advised 33 MS/PhD students. Fie is currently Associate Editor of the Journal of Structural Engineering and has chaired numerous sessions on Wood Engineering at various national and international conferences.

The Wood Engineering Achievement Award recognizes achievements and innovations in the discipline of wood engineering, including structures, structural elements, building codes, consensus standards, design procedures and education.

2016 Wood Engineering Achievement Award Judges: Chair: Rich Vlosky, Louisiana State University David B. DeVallance West Virginia University Niels de Hoop, Louisiana State University


Oregon State University

"Methodology for Micromechanical Analysis of Wood Adhesive Bondsusing X-Ray Computed Tomography an Numerical Modeling"Wood and Fiber Science 46(1), 2014

Co-Authors: John Nairn, Oregon State University; Lech Muszynski, Oregon State University; Jesse Paris, Oregon State University; Matthew Schwarzkopf, Oregon State University; X. Xiao, Argonne National Laboratory.

The L.J. Markwardt Award recognizes the author(s) of a technical paper published in the Forest Products Journal or Wood and Fiber Science during the previous two years that has the most outstanding merit in the field of wood as an engineering material. This award encourages research and promotes knowledge of wood in the engineering field to enhance the efficient utilization of wood. This year's winners generously donated their honorarium to help support students attending the2016FPS International Convention.

2016 L.J. Markwardt Award Judges:

INDUSTRY rep--Matthew Scholl, Great Southern Wood Preserving (chair for 2017)

ACADEMIA rep--Joseph Dahlen, University of Georgia

GOVERNMENT rep--James P. Wacker, Forest Products Laboratory (outgoing member)


First Place Paper:

"Self-activation for activated carbon from biomass: theory and parameters"

Second Place Paper:

"Evaluating the role of wood ultrastructure change from mechanical treatment for kinetics of monomer sugars and chemicals production"

Changlei Xia

University of North Texas

Academic Advisor: Sheldon Q. Shi


Yalan Liu

Washington State University

Academic Advisor: Michael P. Wolcott


2016 Wood Award Judges:

Ian Hartley, University of Northern British Columbia John Wolodko, University of Alberta Jilei Zhang, Mississippi State University


2016 Student Scholarship Recipient:

Gifty Acquah, Auburn University

Arif Caglar Konukcu, Mississippi State University

Ming Liu, Mississippi State University

Paige McKinley, Oregon State University

Nan Nan, West Virginia University

Lawrence Olanipekun Aguda, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria

Leandro Passarini, USDA--Forest Service--Forest Products Laboratory

Sohrab Rahimi, West Virginia University

Jedi Rosero-Alvarado, Laval University

Areo Olusola Samuel, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Kyle Sullivan, Oregon State University

Yan Wang, Mississippi State University

Changlei Xia, University of North Texas
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Date:Jul 1, 2016
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