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Portland, Maine.

AN ENORMOUS FIRE THAT BEGAN DURING THE CITY'S JULY 4th celebration in 1866 swept through Portland, Maine, destroying its financial and trade centers and leaving 10,000 citizens homeless in its wake. Like the phoenix that the city, adopted as its symbol, Portland rose from its own ashes and began to build anew. Homes sprang up in all the latest mid-Victorian styles: Queen Anne, stick, and Romanesque. Some architects working in Portland, however, cast aside the rigid dictates of these European styles and joined their other New England colleagues in developing the uniquely American Shingle Style. In keeping with all things American, it is a melting pot of styles (including simple New England shingled seaside cottages) but with the added elements of being free-form, complex, and variable and, hence, intensely personal.

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Title Annotation:Walk Through; after destroying fire 1886 city build anew
Author:Dersin, Denise
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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