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Portable universal tester designed to measure small strains and loads.

The PUT portable universal tester and the company's cut and chip tester lot off-the-road service and vehicle tread analysis are featured in this two-page technical bulletin.

The PUT universal tester is designed for precision testing where small strains and loads are to be measured. The system is said to be ideally suited for measuring tack, adhesion, stress-strain and compression-deflection. The company's tensiData data acquisition system is said to provide full control of the tester, as well as the functions of data collection, analysis and reporting. The tensiData system is user programmable to allow custom set-up for most test applications, according to the literature.

The PUT portable universal tester comes pre-programmed for tack, adhesion, stress-strain and compression-deflection.

The cut and chip tester, developed by BFGoodrich, provides relative information about the service life of off-the-road, farm and heavy duty treads that are subjected to the rigors of traveling on surfaces containing sharp objects, rocks or other damaging materials.

Chipping can follow cutting by the effect of traction, braking or other forces on rough or sharp surfaces, causing tearing, according to the literature. Chipping can also occur as a first step if relative motion between the tread and cutting object exists and gouges out a piece of the rubber. The cut and chip tester was developed to characterize these properties.

The test is performed on a prepared disk mounted on a rotating shaft. The disk is impacted at a set frequency by a tungsten carbide knife with a precision edge. At a preselected time, it is automatically stopped.

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