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Portable storage racks maximize warehouse space.

Fluctuating or constantly shifting inventory can cause space to be wasted within fixed storage, such as selective pallet racking, according to the company. Portable storage racks can be used in place of wooden pallets because they can be loaded with product and safely stacked several units high. They are fully supported by steel corner columns, completely protecting the inventory.

By the nature of their portability, such racks are said to allow the user to maximize storage density (like a drive-in or flow rack), or to maximize selectivity (like traditional selective pallet racks), or anything in between, all with the same rack, according to the company. Changing rack layouts is said to be simple, with no expensive installation or dismantling costs. They protect product during handling, stacking and shipping.

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Title Annotation:Product News
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2006
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