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Portable projectors.

When you put a lot of time and effort into a make-you-or-break-you
PowerPoint presentation then hit the road, it doesn't make sense to
rely on whatever projector happens to be available at your destination.
Will the projector in the client-site conference room make your
PowerPoint slides shine, or will you end up with a blurry and
unprofessional presentation? Bringing your own mobile projector might
be the solution you seek.

                               DIMENSIONS    RESOLUTION

BenQ PB2220
BenQ                           2.1" tall,    1024x768 XGA                   8.6" wide,
$2,995                         6.9" deep;

Epson 735c
Epson                          3.1 "tall,    1024x768 XGA                  10.9" wide,
$3,249                         7.5 deep;

InFocus LP120
InFocus                        2.05" tall,   1024x768 XGA                9.75" wide,
$2,699                         3.69" deep;

Luxeon X2+
Luxeon                         3.6" tall,    1024x768 XGA              12.8" wide,
$2,399                         9.8" deep;

Mitsubishi XD50U
Mitsubishi Digital             2.0" tall,    1024x768 XGA
Electronics                    9.4" wide,   7.5" deep;
$3,995                         3.4lbs

Optoma EzPro 739
Optoma                         4.11 "tall,   1024x768 XGA                 10.4" wide,
$2,999                         9.3" deep;

Toshiba TDP-TW90U
Toshiba                        4" tall,      1024x768 XGA          11.7" wide,
$2,099                         10.8" deep;

                               LUMENS   CONTRAST
BenQ PB2220
BenQ                           1700     2000:1

Epson 735c
Epson                          2000     400:1

InFocus LP120
InFocus                        1100     2000:1

Luxeon X2+
Luxeon                         1500     250:1

Mitsubishi XD50U
Mitsubishi Digital             1500     1500:1

Optoma EzPro 739
Optoma                         2300     2000:1

Toshiba TDP-TW90U
Toshiba                        2000     2000:1
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