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Portable presentations. (What's new ... in presentation systems & products).

Faculty and staff on the go want to make quality presentations just like their more grounded peers. Enter NEC with its LT200 series projectors specifically designed for presenters with equipment portability as a high priority. All three DLP-based projectors weigh only 6.5 lbs each. And the projectors include a number of security features, such as password protection, a lock slot, and the ability to format a PCMCIA card as a security card to disable the projector to unauthorized users. The LT200 NEC ImageXpress technology gives users the ability to communicate continuously and in real time, from PC to projector, through a wired LAN. With the wireless option, users can communicate from a laptop placed anywhere in the room, or, with the touch of a button, toggle among presentations on multiple taptops. Priced around $2,395. Visit
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Publication:University Business
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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