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Portable powerhouse: Zaurus can help mobile executive.

Professionals on the go might want to take a look at Zaurus, Sharp's new enhanced keyboard personal data assistant (PDA). Zaurus offers time and data management combined with the ability to access online computer services from any phone outlet--and it conveniently fits in your jacket pocket or pocketbook.

Zaurus allows professionals to quickly type a letter, integrate information from contact records, import a signature from its scrapbook section, spell check the letter and fax it to a client from most any location. Zaurus' enhancements include a larger keyboard than other PDAs; one megabyte of memory; word wrap--a full-featured word processor with a spell checker; and global search capabilities.

Although Zaurus provides the functionality of a laptop, don't mistake it for one. The standard model is priced at $749, but the street price will be lower. With the ultra-compact fax/modem, it retails for $849.
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Title Annotation:Evaluation; laptop word processor
Author:Sommer, Edward A.
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Product/Service Evaluation
Date:Jul 1, 1995
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