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Portable hospital-waste unit fits on a truck.

A US COMPANY is marketing a system to process hospital waste that is housed on board a truck. Hapman Conveyors of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has developed a unique portable waste system for hospitals and medical facilities which helps solve the industry's costly and potentially hazardous medical-waste problem.

The waste is processed on board a truck and is readied for conventional disposal.

The truck is offered to operators as a complete unit, and one can serve many medical facilities in an area.

The waste is processed first in a grinder, where it is ground and transferred via a fixed-screw conveyor to the sterilisation process. Complete and total sterilisation is accomplished, according to the manufacturers, using microwave heat and steam. From this stage, the waste is subjected to a particuliser, where the waste is further ground into fine particles. After the particuliser, waste travels through a discharge hopper and through a flexible- screw conveyor, where it is finally discharged into the medical facility's waste container. The discharge system, including the hopper and the screw conveyor, is provided by Hapman Conveyors. According to the manufacturer, "a unique feature of the screw conveyor is that it can be disassembled in five minutes and is designed to tuck beck into the truck for storage through the use of an overhead track-and-trolley system."

The discharge hopper also is equipped with an agitator system, which eliminates the possibility that the waste might bridge in the hopper. The waste consists of up to 15% moisture and is 0.5 of an inch or less in size.

The Hapman three-inch-diametre screw conveyor is 96 inches in length and is powered by a TEFC one-horsepower motor with a right-angle drive. Inside the waste truck, the angle of the flexible conveyor is 15 degrees, and outside the truck the angle increases to 26 degrees.

Hapman Conveyors manufactures bulk-material handling systems, including flexible-screw conveyors, tubular conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, bag dump stations and a variety of auxiliary equipment.
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Publication:African Business
Date:Feb 1, 1994
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