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Portable XRF analyzer built for field use.

Spectro Analytical Instruments said its new SpectroScout Portable Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer is designed to enable rapid, laboratory-class elemental analysis of environmental and geological samples, even in remote locations. The new unit is lightweight (12 kg/26.46 lb) and small (270 x 306 x 306 mm/10.7 x 12.1 x 12.1 in). Its features include a large sample compartment, X-ray tube, onboard processor and high-yield battery pack. An optional integrated video system allows precise spot testing, plus image storage. It is encased in a rugged housing, and its X-ray source is protected. The SpectroScout is claimed to provide precise measurements from trace to minor and major concentrations across a range of relevant elements from heavy elements, such as uranium, to light elements, such as sodium, with rapid (typically 10 to 15 minutes) turnaround. The analyzer also brings laboratory-class advantages, such as Spectro's advanced Turboquant unknown-sample analysis and optional customer-specific calibrations. Pre-installed software packages with methods for applications in mining/prospecting, precious metals and environmental elemental analysis are included.

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Publication:E&MJ - Engineering & Mining Journal
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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