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Portable 8-axis CMM measures large castings directly on shop floor. (New Product).

Measuring finished castings to ensure production to specification is a key part to manufacturing the quality product that customers require. However, some castings can be difficult to manipulate into a traditional coordinate measurement system because of their size or weight. In addition, stationary measuring machines can be costly. To eliminate this problem, Axila, Inc., Farmington Hills, Michigan, has introduced the Orbital 8-axis portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

This CMM can inspect castings on the shop floor measuring up to 20 ft (6 m) accurately to 0.15 mm. The machine uses Arm 100, a lightweight, 6-axis portable CMM weighing only 10 lb (4.6 kg) that also can be used for small casting measurement. Two additional axes can be attached to the 6-axis arm, allowing larger castings to be inspected. The last two axes of the arm are used as a 3-D mouse that allows one employee to operate the CMM without assistance.

The arm is attached to a mobile tripod for maneuvering around castings. The aluminum and carbon graphite makeup of the arm allows it to be robust and light. The arm can move in and out and retain the movement's measurements because of a repeatable mounting puck. The probe on the arm can be changed without recalibration for quick switches and it can be recognized and selected automatically by the software's probe identification feature.

The machine uses G-Pad, geometric (Windows-based) software that doesn't require a keyboard. The operator uses the mouse control of the arm to perform selections and make measurements.

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Comment:Portable 8-axis CMM measures large castings directly on shop floor. (New Product).(finished castings)
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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