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Port of Houston 2nd coffee symposium a success.

More than 150 representatives of the coffee industry, small businesses and economic development organizations attended the 2nd Annual Houston Port Region Coffee Symposium, October 19-20. Sponsored by the Port of Houston Authority, the Economic Alliance-Houston Port Region and the Greater.

Houston Coffee Association, the symposium highlighted the Houston region's rising stature in the global coffee trade, and provided strategies to help businesses identify and leverage the growth opportunities throughout the coffee supply chain--from distribution, transportation, warehousing, to roasting, retail marketing and food services.

Jimmy Burke, PHA commissioner and chairman of the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region, pre-sided over the daylong symposium. Among the symposium's featured speakers, noted economist Michael Gallis discussed coffee's global distribution chain, the impact of coffee to the region and the need to explore economic strategies for the industry. Other speakers included U.S. Rep. Gene Green, Texas Sen. Mario Gallegos, PHA chairman, Jim Edmonds, Drayton McLane of the McLane Group LP, Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno of Cadeco Industries Inc., Valerie Colaizzo of the New York Board of Trade, Kay Holloway from Sara Lee Coffee & Tea, Capt. Alistair Macnab of the Greater Houston Coffee Association, Don Pisano of American Coffee Corp., and Steve Stewart of Gulf Winds International. U.S. Congresswoman, Shelia Jackson Lee, was among the public officials in attendance, as were PHA Commissioners Jim Fonteno and Steve Phelps.

On April 27--May 4, the 25th International Association of Ports and Harbors will convene to cover critical issues ranging from the port security to the globalization of the world economy. Approximately 1200 delegates are expected to attend the conference.

For the seventh consecutive year, and the 10th year over the past 11, the Port of Houston Authority operating revenue reached a record high in 2006. Un-audited figures show PHA earned $164.7 million, up from $154 million in 2005.
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Comment:Port of Houston 2nd coffee symposium a success.(Trade News)
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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