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Porpoises spotted in 'quieter' Mersey. Apr 16, 2020 152
Diet of harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) on the continental shelf off southern New England. Orphanides, Christopher D.; Wenzel, Frederick W.; Collie, Jeremy S. Apr 1, 2020 10256
First record of Burmeister's porpoise (Phocoena spinipinnis) in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas). Weir, Caroline R.; Rutherford, Susan Report Oct 17, 2019 2680
Salmonid passive integrated transponder tags and coded wire tags found in the forestomach of a harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in southwestern Washington. D'Alessandro, Dalin N.; Duffield, Deborah A. Oct 1, 2019 3525
Dolphins in late summer splash. Sep 17, 2019 234
Why the Queen owns all the UK's dolphins, whales sturgeons and porpoises; Elizabeth II has rights to whales and sturgeons as well. Sep 14, 2019 342
Thousands of creatures stranded. Sep 7, 2019 286
Thousands of creatures stranded. Sep 7, 2019 261
Stranded whales and dolphins highlighted; Wildlife: Report records thousands discovered on UK beaches. Sep 7, 2019 404
5,000 sea mammals washed up in 7 years. Sep 7, 2019 120
5,000 sea mammals washed up in 7 years. Sep 7, 2019 118
Drama near Browhouses as three porpoises are stranded. Aug 30, 2019 317
'Incredibly rare' turtle delights sightseers. Aug 28, 2019 214
Rare leatherback turtle makes passengers' day. Aug 28, 2019 372
Conservationists urge Mexico trade sanctions over near-extinct porpoise. Aug 24, 2019 756
Species 'critically' endangered; Wildlife: Vaquita porpoise is world's most at-rick cetacean amid plummeting population. Jul 31, 2019 283
Miriam Ross: Without EU environmental protection, the Scottish Government must fill the gap. Jul 24, 2019 789
Public urged to join in with survey of marine mammals; WILDLIFE. Jul 18, 2019 218
Volunteers have a whale of a time at Orca Watch; ? Record numbers of stunning cetaceans spotted around coast. Jun 12, 2019 397
Having a whale of a time; WILDLIFE ? Orca Watch scheme spots record number of stunning predator. Jun 12, 2019 406
The Porpoise by Mark Haddon; bookclub with heather suttie Do you have a book review or would you like me to review a book you've enjoyed? Please get in touch at or tweet @blondi_SOS. May 25, 2019 175
Whales and dolphins galore for week of observations; WILDLIFE. May 23, 2019 244
Orcas spotted by marine watch campaign groups; Sightings: Citizen project also recorded dolphins, sharks and porpoises. May 23, 2019 409
How Whales Defy the Cancer Odds. May 13, 2019 1444
Hovercraft to the rescue to save stranded porpoise. Apr 11, 2019 262
YOUNGS ISLAND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA: A manmade island featuring shoreline and migratory birds, and hunting & fishing. Hamilton, Chip Apr 1, 2019 854
Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita porpoises. Oct 18, 2018 315
Mystery as porpoises wash up on beaches; SIGHTINGS OF DEAD MAMMALS ALONG NORTH WALES COAST. Jul 19, 2018 394
The case of the rotting porpoise. Jul 5, 2018 112
Just why are so many weird creatures washing up at this Welsh beach? There's been a porpoise, dog fish and sharks found washed up in the last week; There's been a porpoise, dog fish and sharks found washed up in the last week. May 29, 2018 725
Mystery as to why so many dead porpoises are washing up on Wirral's beaches; The strange trend has seen six separate incidents of carcasses being found in the peninsular. May 29, 2018 384
Environmentalists Warn About Further Drop in Numbers of Endangered Porpoises in Mexico. Navarro, Carlos Apr 4, 2018 1445
BOTCHED RESCUE. Mar 22, 2018 340
Plea for help to solve porpoise deaths mystery; MARINE EXPERTS STEP UP INVESTIGATION AFTER TWO MUTILATED BODIES FOUND. Jan 1, 2018 557
Spatial and Temporal Distribution Dynamics of the Yangtze Finless Porpoise at the Confluence of the Yangtze and Wanhe Rivers: Implications for Conservation. Chen, Minmin; Zhang, Xiaoke; Wang, Kexiong; Liu, Zhigang; Wan, An; Yu, Daoping; Ji, Hong; Peng, Fang Report Dec 31, 2017 4616
Did discarded fishing nets kill porpoise washed up on shore? Dec 30, 2017 631
Did discarded fishing nets kill porpoise washed up on shore? . Fishermen says poor policing of coasts has led to 'scandalous' practices . 'They take the seabass and throw away the other dead fish ...their rubbish is killing seals'. Dec 30, 2017 565
Plastic levels in Irish waters among worst. Nov 6, 2017 135
They're doing it on porpoise.. Animals caught photobombing. Oct 26, 2017 200
Scientists Give Erections To Dead Dolphin Penises. Oct 11, 2017 555
Navy Dolphins Might Save The Vaquita From Extinction. Oct 10, 2017 565
Observation of a super pod of Pacific Harbor Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena vomerina) in the Salish Sea. Butler, Robert W.; MacVicar, Rod S.; Hollick-Kenyon, Sandra Report Sep 14, 2017 894
travel buzz; THE LATEST NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF TOURISM. Jul 30, 2017 294
travel buzz; THE LATEST NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF TOURISM. Jul 30, 2017 295
Watch out for marine mammals; Cruise news. Jul 22, 2017 410
Watch out for marine mammals; 22.07.2017 DM1ST TRAVEL 2017 edited by NIGEL THOMPSON. Jul 22, 2017 111
Watch out for marine mammals; 22.07.2017 DMUULS TRAVEL 2017 edited by NIGEL THOMPSON. Jul 22, 2017 111
Mexico enacts permanent ban on gillnets in habitat of endangered porpoise. Navarro, Carlos Jul 19, 2017 1098
Sorry for getting stuck guys, I didn't do it on porpoise! Jul 10, 2017 314
Leonardo DiCaprio Teams Up With Mexico To Save The Vaquita Porpoise. Jun 8, 2017 601
Marine Mammal Vaquita Stares Down Extinction. May 18, 2017 583
Will Brexit be bad for biodiversity in Britain? May 11, 2017 926
Government extends protection for endangered porpoises in Gulf of California. Navarro, Carlos Apr 19, 2017 1150
Dozens Of Dolphins Found Dead In Florida. Obituary Jan 18, 2017 352
Norovirus infection in harbor porpoises. de Graaf, Miranda; Bodewes, Rogier; van Elk, Cornells E.; van de Bildt, Marco; Getu, Sarah; Aron, Ge Jan 1, 2017 2360
Stranded porpoise rescued in Mersey; CREATURE WAS STUCK ON ROCKS IN SMALL STREAM AT HALEBANK. Oct 27, 2016 263
Porpoise's 130-mile ride in car. Oct 18, 2016 108
First global conservation priorities set IUCN World Conservation Congress. Sep 7, 2016 480
H&M's New Children's Collection Features Prints Of Endangered Species. Sep 6, 2016 241
Porpoise picnic, pink army and Red Arrows... treats in store for Swansea; There's a whole lot to look forward to this summer in Swansea, from skate festivals to seashore safaris, great gigs to food festivals and more. Jul 1, 2016 845
AM picks a porpoise as a friend. Jun 18, 2016 204
Porpoises living on a knife-edge, study shows. Jun 7, 2016 216
'Strumble Head must be among three top places to see cetaceans in UK'. May 12, 2016 285
Have a whale of a time as a ferry wildlife officer. Apr 16, 2016 357
DOLPHIN WATCH; Uni expert spots large pod off coast of Anglesey. Mar 29, 2016 325
Photographer snaps porpoise with eco-purpose. Mar 10, 2016 281
Porpoise found on the beach. Feb 23, 2016 177
Spotlight shines on havens for wildlife. Feb 10, 2016 425
Spotlight shines on havens for wildlife. Feb 9, 2016 425
DOLPHIN KILLERS; Pesticide chemicals pose a threat to estuary porpoises. Feb 1, 2016 258
New protection measures proposed FORWALEs' sea life. Jan 26, 2016 711
Environmentalists sound alarm about budget plan to eliminate program to protect endangered porpoise. Navarro, Carlos Sep 30, 2015 1357
Tynemouth beach the setting for whale and seal rescue training; The British Divers Marine Life Rescue charity will be showing people how to save stricken marine mammals if they beach in the North East. Sep 15, 2015 471
RESEARCH PCBs threat to UK porpoises. Jul 23, 2015 162
Temporal changes in abundance of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) inhabiting the inland waters of Southeast Alaska. Dahlheim, Marilyn E.; Zerbini, Alexandre N.; Waite, Janice M.; Kennedy, Amy S. Report Jul 1, 2015 8967
Wife's pleas save sex pest from prison; Visitors find an extra porpoise to their seaside trip. Apr 11, 2015 420
Welsh wildlife charity helps to save porpoises. Apr 7, 2015 674
Government announces plan to save endangered porpoise in Gulf of Baja California. Navarro, Carlos Mar 25, 2015 1026
'Porpoise stronghold must be protected'. Feb 11, 2015 432
Porpoise on beach 'died naturally'. Jan 7, 2015 212
Acoustic monitoring and prey association for beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas, and harbor porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, off two river mouths in Yakutat Bay, Alaska. Castellote, Manuel; Stafford, Kathleen M.; Neff, A. Darcie; Lucey, William Report Jan 1, 2015 7167
How will wind farms affect marine life? Dec 1, 2014 343
THE GREAT WHALE RESCUE. Nov 21, 2014 242
Plea to protect water wildlife 'hotspots'. Nov 18, 2014 451
Plea to protect water wildlife 'hotspots'. Nov 12, 2014 451
Plea to protect marine hotspots. Nov 5, 2014 458
Whales are certainly warming to the waters of the North Sea. Oct 4, 2014 769
Clet a danger but not on porpoise. Aug 4, 2014 118
West Wales dolphins in killer attack on porpoise. Jun 20, 2014 466
Evaluation of Parkia pendula lectin mRNA differentially expressed in seedlings/Avaliacao de mRNA da lectina de Parkia pendula diferencialmente expressa em plantillas. Rego, M.J.B.M.; Santos, P.B.; Carvalho-Junior, L.B.; Stirling, J.; Beltrao, E.I.C. May 1, 2014 2413
Fossilized skull hints at evolution of echolocation in toothed whales: underwater sonar may have originated 34 million years ago. Yeager, Ashley Apr 19, 2014 663
Cetacean morbillivirus in coastal Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Western Australia. Stephens, Nahiid; Duignan, Padraig J.; Wang, Jianning; Bingham, John; Finn, Hugh; Bejder, Lars; Patt Report Apr 1, 2014 2434
Effects of fluctuations in sea-surface temperature on the occurrence of small cetaceans off Southern California. Henderson, E. Elizabeth; Forney, Karin A.; Barlow, Jay P.; Hildebrand, John A.; Douglas, Annie B.; C Report Apr 1, 2014 11682
Dead porpoise washed up on beach. Feb 18, 2014 199
Fatal systemic morbillivirus infection in bottlenose dolphin, Canary Islands, Spain. Sierra, Eva; Zucca, Daniele; Arbelo, Manuel; Garcia-Alvarez, Natalia; Andrada, Marisa; Deniz, Soraya Author abstract Feb 1, 2014 1835
Harbor Porpoise, Phocoena phocoena vomerina, in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Agler, Beverly A.; Brueggeman, John J.; Cornick, Leslie A.; Speckman, Suzann G.; Jan 1, 2014 12725
Pod swims to London on porpoise. Dec 7, 2013 135
Davina the dolphin makes return to open water after rescuers save stranded porpoise from sandbank; LIFEBOAT CREW INVOLVED IN RESCUE AFTER SAFETY FEARS. Aug 23, 2013 621
EU to defend porpoises from Severn wind farm; CONCERN OVER PLAN FOR 250 TURBINES OFF SOUTH WALES. Aug 20, 2013 654
Hawkmoths use ultrasound to fight 'predator' bats. Jul 5, 2013 246
New porpoise for whale watchers; Volunteers to record region's marine life. Jun 24, 2013 477
Porpoise washed up on sandbank. May 7, 2013 266
Royal Dutch Shell's bioacoustics program: a whale of a study: documenting effects on marine animals from offshore operations in Beaufort and Chukchi seas. Orr, Vanessa May 1, 2013 1563
Porpoises go Forth to Stirling. Apr 18, 2013 105
Unusual mortality events of harbor porpoise strandings in North Carolina, 1997-2009. Hohn, Aleta A.; Rotstein, David S.; Byrd, Barbie L. Report Jan 1, 2013 8486
Wildlife sightings confirm health of Welsh seas; VOLUNTEERS SPOT DOLPHINS AND PORPOISES FROM FERRY. Dec 3, 2012 715
Porpoise is washed up on beach. Oct 11, 2012 197
Report says lack of surveys puts marine life at risk. Sep 14, 2012 337
Saving our schools: thanks to improved management, the future looks brighter for menhaden, mullet and other so-called baitfish. Kelly, Doug Jul 1, 2012 1006
Human exposures to marine Brucella isolated from a harbor porpoise--Maine, 2012. Sears, Stephen; Colby, Kate; Tiller, Rebekah; Guerra, Marta; Gibbins, John; Lehman, Mark Jun 29, 2012 1772
Porpoises and seals are your neighbours at cliff-side idyll; FORMER LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS' COTTAGES ON SALE FOR pounds 1M. Jun 11, 2012 660
Firm agrees to cut size of offshore wind farm; BUT PORPOISES WILL STILL BE PUT AT RISK, SAY PROTESTERS. May 30, 2012 553
Trip has a true porpoise; Awareness will be raised by new project. Feb 24, 2012 448
Wonderful wildlife; emails &letters. Jun 2, 2011 272
'Mersey monster' has a sense of porpoise, claims expert. May 27, 2011 170
Porpoise killed by boat propeller. Apr 9, 2011 296
Baby porpoise rescued from Japanese tsunami. Mar 25, 2011 240
Baby porpoise rescued from Japanese tsunami. Mar 24, 2011 240
River city porpoise is freed. Feb 24, 2011 119
Porpoise river SOS. Feb 23, 2011 137
Maternal-fetal transmission of Cryptococcus gattii in harbor porpoise. Norman, Stephanie A.; Raverty, Stephen; Zabek, Erin; Etheridge, Sandra; Ford, John K.B.; Hoang, Lind Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2011 1312
Annual survey has surprising results. Dec 18, 2010 509
Brucella ceti infection in Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). Jauniaux, Thierry P.; Brenez, Cecile; Fretin, David; Godfroid, Jacques; Haelters, Jan; Jacques, Thie Dec 1, 2010 2060
Dick Van Dyke 'saved by pod of porpoises' CELEBRITY. Nov 12, 2010 158
Kingfisher, bee and porpoise sightings are all on the increase; WILDLIFE. Nov 2, 2010 329
Angler's anger after porpoises are killed; Mammals and fish die after being caught in legal nets off coast. Oct 7, 2010 356
Forty years of winter: cetaceans observed during the southbound migration of gray whales, Eschrichtius robustus, near Granite Canyon, central California. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Rugh, David J. Sep 22, 2010 10586
Porpoise is found dead. Obituary Sep 13, 2010 110
Varamiento de cetaceos en Tacna, Peru (2002-2010). Pizarro-Neyra, Jose Report Aug 1, 2010 1698
Descripcion de lesiones pulmonares por Pseudalius inflexus en la marsopa Phocaena spinipinnis. Chavera C., Alfonso; Cabrera, Rufino; Tantalean, Manuel Report Aug 1, 2010 2786
Sea mammals' food supply could be seriously damaged by rise in temperatures, expert warns. Jul 15, 2010 573
Abundance of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in three Alaskan regions, corrected for observer errors due to perception bias and species misidentification, and corrected for animals submerged from view. Hobbs, Roderick C.; Waite, Janice M. Report Jul 1, 2010 10407
Whales too 'can feel and suffer' like humans. Jun 21, 2010 385
North East sea mammal sightings are sought. May 18, 2010 363
Dear EarthTalk: what is the current status of whales? Dec 13, 2009 565
How whales and dolphins evolved. Sep 25, 2009 437
Assessing a public health justification for reducing whale consumption in northern Canada. Jefferies, Cameron Sep 22, 2009 5579
'Don't push stranded dolphins into the sea' Surprise advice after porpoise is refloated at Pembrokeshire beach. Aug 20, 2009 569
Brosnan urges officials in Japan to end slaughter of dolphins, porpoises. Aug 12, 2009 237
Sealife saviours; TEAM TRAINS PUBLIC TO HELP STRANDED ANIMALS. Jul 27, 2009 582
Chefs can view Richard II porpoise recipe online. Jun 19, 2009 167
Porpoise in garden find; MUTILATED. Apr 27, 2009 87
Porpoise deaths a mystery; Two washed up on N.Wales coast. Aug 11, 2008 390
Please keep an eye out for 'beautiful' harbour porpoises. Aug 11, 2008 205
Welcome aboard! Santa Cruz Whale Watching. Jun 1, 2008 80
Morbillivirus and pilot whale deaths, Mediterranean Sea. Fernandez, Antonio; Esperon, Fernando; Herraez, Pedro; de los Monteros, Antonio Espinosa; Clavel, Cr May 1, 2008 2009
Tragedy of the Chinese dolphin; INTERNATIONAL. Aug 9, 2007 549
China river dolphin is extinct. Aug 8, 2007 113
WALES: Public helps to spot dolphins off coast. Jul 9, 2007 445
Climate threat; The World Today. May 22, 2007 173
Baby porpoise is found dead 30 miles inland; Baby mammal's body had a 'bullet wound'. Mar 27, 2007 418
out and ABOUT: pounds 130k grants; FARM & COUNTRY. Mar 15, 2007 88
Searching for porpoise. Sweas, Megan Feb 1, 2007 91
WALES: Oil search delayed. Jan 23, 2007 143
WALES: Lawyer battling whalers. Nov 9, 2006 257
WALES: Rare dolphin joy. Oct 19, 2006 412
CLP holdings pushes ahead with Hong Kong LNG terminal plan. Oct 1, 2006 159
Shark attack shakes him up. Aug 31, 2006 586
WALES: Fin-tastic result for Sea Watch as Risso's dolphin is spotted. Aug 28, 2006 260
There she blows! Aug 17, 2006 169
WALES: Why are porpoises of N.Wales dying? Public asked to help. Jul 18, 2006 343
Porpoise visits the ship canal. May 12, 2006 151
The risk of infection from polychlorinated biphenyl exposure in the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena): a case-control approach. Jepson, Paul D. May 1, 2006 9214
First record of the harbour porpoise, phocoena phocoena (Cetacea: Phocoenidae) in the Azores (NE Atlantic). Barreiros, Joao Pedro; Teves, Manuel; Rodeia, Joao Apr 1, 2006 1238
Bartonella henselae in porpoise blood. Breitschwerdt, Edward B. Dec 1, 2005 4210
Abundance and depth distribution of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in northern California determined from a 1995 ship survey. Carretta, James V.; Taylor, Barbara L; Chivers, Susan J Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 6859
An observed entanglement of Lagenorhynchus obliquidens in the high seas driftnet area in the North Pacific. Mizroch, S.A.; Hutchinson, C. Jun 22, 1997 1140
Acoustic pingers protect porpoises. Travis, John Dec 23, 1995 609
NOAA scientists leave on 4-month dolphin census. Sep 22, 1989 618

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