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Tampa, FL, October 22, 2012 --( As information becomes more plentiful than ever thanks to the Internet, it is hardly surprising that levels of online pornography viewing are also on the rise. In fact, the statistics are startling. Every second, a whopping $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography and 28,258 people are looking at it online. According to Top Ten Reviews (, this industry makes more profits than do Amazon, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Netflix, and Yahoo combined.

Perhaps the leading catalyst for the upsurge of porn viewing is the skyrocketing use of smartphones and other mobile devices. Where once people had to be near a desktop or laptop computer to get on the Internet, mobile devices give them virtually constant access to everything the Net has to offer, including porn. To capitalize on this burgeoning market, it is increasingly common to find pornographic images and documents especially designed to download more quickly and be accessible to mobile devices.

As its popularity has skyrocketed and porn has found its niche on smartphones, more and more users have begun to struggle with what can actually be characterized as an addiction to pornographic images and websites. According to Internet Filter Review, a full ten percent of American adults admit to being addicted to porn. It is not only men who seem to have fallen prey to this condition; a full 28 percent of those adults who had admitted to being addicted are female.

To help men and women in this situation to define, understand, and quit their porn addiction, a group of mostly anonymous developers have launched a new website, One of the site's main purposes is to promote Internet safety in the home by providing free advice and tips for those who suspect that what once may have been a casual activity has become an obsession.

How can someone tell when he or she has cross the line from harmless Internet surfing to destructive porn addiction? There are several red flags to watch for, according to Fox News (,2933,357323,00.html). You may find that you are spending more time looking at porn than socializing; perhaps you have lied to your partner about your porn viewing; you're no longer attracted to your spouse or partner and your sex life may be suffering; your expectations of your partner have changed and become unrealistic; you are becoming stressed and upset; or, you may begin to engage in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, seeking services from a prostitute, or viewing child porn.

Clearly, porn addiction can be a slippery slope leading to unhappiness, social isolation, and even unsafe or illegal activities. That is why came into being. Free and confidential, it can provide you with the tools you need to understand and confront your addiction head-on and get the professional help you need. This site is proof that, while the Internet can often be the source of harmful information or images, it can also be a place where help and answers can be found.

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Date:Oct 22, 2012
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