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Popular President.

I am amused that many people are incensed that President Noynoy remains to be popular; although his ratings are no longer as high as the day after elections, these have not dipped low enough to satisfy the prophets of doom. Considering that his term is about to end in a bit more than two years ,amidst Nature's devastating wrath and other scandals, Pres. Aquino's popularity is something many politicians envy.

Some call him the "Teflon" president because none of the rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at him have stuck, sticks and stones have not broken his bones and no matter the nasty names people disrespectfully call the President, his popularity ratings are more than satisfactory. It seems that he has also learned to keep his cool, to show grace and equanimity under pressure.

Evidently, we Filipinos have become accustomed to political turmoil and upheavals ; we become restless at around this time when the Chief Executive has less than three more years to go. Those waiting in the wings become jittery and impatient . They are itching to use the Gloria Arroyo template so they can have an extra two or three years to the constitutional six-year term. But, since there is a world of difference between Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Benigno Aquino III , those waiting behind the "bambalinas" are hard- pressed for ways, means and reasons to stoke a credible and acceptable EDSA 3 ? Or, is it 4? One loses track.

I might be speaking to soon. There might be a killer earthquake tonight or another devastating storm surge or tsunami, People's China's troops might be marching down Roxas Boulevard when we wake up tomorrow and they can heap the blame on Pres. Noynoy Aquino, the popular one. (


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Title Annotation:Opinions and Editorials
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Jan 20, 2014
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