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Ocean bacteria may have shut off ancient global warming: mineral spikes in seafloor sediments coincide with halt in temperature rise. May 31, 2014 409
In search of the unflappable qubit: stable quantum information could speed calculations. May 31, 2014 468
Making child's play of math. May 31, 2014 510
Illuminating a dark universe: space show brings the unseen to light. Brief article May 17, 2014 225
The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day. Brief article May 17, 2014 310
Magma viewed as sludgy mush: crystals open window into volcanic depths. Mar 22, 2014 523
Cloudy forecast: the biggest source of climate uncertainty is white and fluffy. Mar 22, 2014 3041
Filament of cosmic web set aglow: peek at massive, outstretched gas cloud could reveal hidden structure of the universe. Mar 8, 2014 547
Rivers of volcanic rock and gas froze ancient animals in time. Brief article Mar 8, 2014 155
Catching particle fever: documentary gives physics fans a look inside the Large Hadron Collider. Movie review Mar 8, 2014 557
Star trio promises new test of gravity: analysis of unusual system could dethrone general relativity. Feb 22, 2014 540
Clouds on brown dwarf mapped. Brief article Feb 22, 2014 164
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Book review Feb 22, 2014 356
Missing mass hides in galactic halos: huge amounts of cold matter envelop star-containing regions. Feb 8, 2014 449
Materials' light tricks may soon extend to doing mathematics: metamaterials could provide fast pattern recognition. Feb 8, 2014 495
Florida's mangroves migrate north. Brief article Feb 8, 2014 180
Eye in the sky: NASA images show before-and-after scenes of Earth. Brief article Feb 8, 2014 216
Protein fibers trap greenhouse gas. Brief article Jan 25, 2014 177
Tomorrow's catch: chaos theory's potential for fisheries management. Jan 25, 2014 3274
Huge plasma loops drive sun's rotation: giant structures support theory of heat transport mechanism. Jan 11, 2014 473
Earth's plate boundaries may nurture diamond formation. Brief article Jan 11, 2014 132
Longevity of Jupiter's Great Red Spot explained. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 144
19 Dark energy gets more confusing: new data raise prospect of 'Big Rip' destroying cosmos. Dec 28, 2013 326
22 Visitor from the Oort cloud: Comet ISON meets demise in solar flyby. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 316
Storage of quantum information breaks room-temperature record. Dec 14, 2013 168
Ripple effect. Brief article Nov 30, 2013 147
Dark energy search gets murkier: supernova measurements muddle scientists' efforts to explain universe's accelerating expansion. Nov 30, 2013 541
Physics constant gets new limit: analysis checks variability of quantum mechanics value. Nov 16, 2013 423
Oort cloud tosses astronomers a cometary curveball: after traveling millions of years, ISON delivers debris from the dawn of the solar system. Nov 16, 2013 1456
Fertilizer has staying power. Brief article Nov 16, 2013 172

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