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Pop goes the Scouse drinks market.

THERE'S a new Scouse pop on the shelves - and its creator Hami Harbridge hopes his healthy creation will soon rival the giants of the soft drink world.

Hami, 29, launched The Soda Works in July and now has cans of his low-sugar sparkling drinks on sale across Merseyside.

He's gone for some unusual flavours in brightly-coloured cans to grab shoppers' attention.

Hami says they've got half the sugar of some global soft drinks, meaning he can tap into the healthy drinks market . But there's another benefit - because there's less than 5g per 100 millilitres of drink, Soda Works will beat the Government's sugar tax which comes in next year.

Hami is still working full-time while plotting world domination with Soda Works out of hours.

He said: "We've got lemon and lime, which is bit heavy on the lime side to make it zingy. We've got pineapple and coconut. We've also got watermelon, which is just a cool, interesting flavour.

"They're flavours you don't see on the market that much. In the convenience aisle, you've either got play-safe flavours - which we've got with lemon and lime - cola or orange. My drinks are funky, with different branding too. I've gone for the bright, in-your-face design on the cans."

Hami, who lives near Sefton Park, came up with the idea after struggling to find healthy lunchtime drink options.

Hami said: "When I go to a convenience aisle, I like to grab a sandwich, a packet of crisps, and then I go to the soft drink aisle and there's stuff with loads of sugar, twice the amount of sugar as my drink.

"If you go for the ones which have not got that much sugar in them they've then got aspartame, they've got potassium sorbate in..."

Earlier this year Hami found someone to make his drinks, recruited a brewer to can them, and started testing them.

The first drinks went on sale in July and are on sale at the Baltic Market and in restaurants and bars throughout the region.


| IN THE CAN: Hami Harbridge, founder of The Soda Works and his new drinks

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 22, 2017
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