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Pop bio a damp squib; WEEKEND: BOOKS.


Kenzie: My Life by Kenzie (Harper Collins, pounds 9.99)

KENZIE is a member of a pop-fluff boy band called Blazin' Squad - who think they are hard as nails rappers, but are actually about as dangerous as a particularly shy nine-year-old girl.

So far Kenzie's main achievement has been dressing as an egg on Celebrity Big Brother.

This fact would appear to justify an autobiography, despite the fact that he is only 19.

Predictably it's full of incredibly dull revelations:

Neither Kenzie's mum or dad were musicians.

When he was in year nine "it was all about girls and music."

Kenzie's idea of underground music is So Solid Crew.

On Celebrity BB Kenzie came across as a likeable if not that bright kid, but this book is absolute nonsense, interesting only if you like pictures of simpering southern chavvy boys in tracksuits.

James McCarthy


LIFE STORY AT 19: Kenzie of Blazin' Squad
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Date:Jun 18, 2005
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