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Poor Zoe is really up the junction; Soap watch.

Byline: Merle Brown


IT JUST gets worse. Zoe is pregnant. And she thinks she was raped. And she's a lesbian. How could this have happened?

Well, I will tell you. Avid Emmerdale fans will know that around five months ago - and Ms Tate is 20 weeks gone when she finds out - just as she was beginning her journey to la- la land, Zoe got steaming drunk and had sex with Scott. So the baby's his, end of story.

But of course it won't be, it'll go on and on, and on and on.

Babies are on young Katie's mind this week too, as she finally breaks down when she sees Andy selling the pram. It all comes flooding out, but the young lovebirds decide to get married and, well, all's well that ends well then. For now...

All is not well with Marlon, who is being felt up by Steph at every opportunity. Now he knows Tricia has fallen out with her mum in the past because of her tendency to try and steal her daughter's boyfriend, Marlon just doesn't know what to do.

He does know what he doesn't want to do though, and that's get any closer to Steph. Yeuch.

And Viv is still trying to get in to the nude calendar. Oh dear...

SO, Charlotte very nearly catches on to Richard, and he has a lot of explaining to do to his dead wife Patricia's friend and Gail, who is not entirely convinced he is telling the truth.

Uh-oh. I expect this storyline will explode around Christmas.

Exploding this week is Geena who ends up completely humiliated. Dev tricks Joe into ending it with Geena in the Rovers in front of everyone.

For a man who is supposedly in love with her, Dev has a funny way of showing it. But he's a man, and it's more about saving face in front of another man, namely Joe, than any woman, isn't it? Silly me.

So, Geena decides to leave. Which isn't a bad idea at all. Les is about to get evicted and sent to the Weather- field Hall Estate. Which is really bad, I'm told.

Maria returns from Canada, but not for Tyrone, like he thinks. Oh, no, she is back to paint the town red. Canada has made her a new woman, it seems.

NEW hunks in Hollyoaks. Well, that's what they're telling us. You decide. This week we meet Cameron. In a few weeks it's Kristian, and in November, Craig and Jake.

Meantime, there's Adam and Tony. Yeah, right. But hey, Tony has two women after him in the fine shape of Izzy and the, er, not so fine Julie.

But which one does he want? And does Izzy actually want Ben? Well, they have always had this love- hate thing. And I know who I would go for.

Mandy has Adam, who is in a wheelchair and can't quite get a grip on this relationship thing at all.

Chloe passes out mid rumpy-pumpy, and it seems she has high blood pressure. Really, and she's such a picture of health.

NISHA. Now where has she been? Well, wherever, she's back and working out what is wrong with Gary and Gabby.

Could it be they're just quite dull? And what about poor Katie, is she set for another shock? You betcha.

Kirsty, one of the new lot who are quite tedious, goes missing for a while, but makes it home in the end.

Tim goes on another job that ends up in disaster, quelle surprise.

And Jessie demands answers from Nikki about Jimmy.

I demand answers from Brookside about this drivel. Just how long can it go on?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 5, 2002
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