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Pool patrol.

I am just writing to vent a little and to give Thrasher a heads-up on our pool situation. Why do foreign troops keep invading our Paradise pool? Yesterday over 20 dudes from San Diego showed up and totally blew up our little bit of heaven until they were booted by local security. Normally I'm down for random rippers killing our little spot, but anyone rolling around on the deck and ollieing into the shallow until you get kicked out is a goon! Some dudes shredded, but kickflip-on-the-deck guy needed to be left at home to learn some style. Don't they have enough pools to skate in SoCal? We have one pool in the whole state, while they have one every square block--so why trash ours? Speaking of trash, I'm the one who picks up the tons of shit when everyone is gone. Where is the etiquette? You can tell who sessioned the pool by the trash they leave over the area. Beer cans mean original hesh crew, but Dasani water bottles has gotta mean SoCal crew, and no trash means locals. We try to keep it clean for future ripping. Plus, here in the Northwest, we've learned to recycle. I have seen the writing on the wall before; next comes the boulders the size of your house in the pool.

Aaron Filion


Kooks can't help it. T-ed
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Title Annotation:Mail Drop
Author:Filion, Aaron
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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